Center for Access and Success

The fall 2017 semester is halfway done!  With six weeks left in the semester, it is the home stretch.  You may have received grades from your midterms and if you are not satisfied, here are some tips moving forward!

  • Don't get discouraged: It is easy to get the blues when you receive low grade on an exam or major paper, but you can’t let poor performance get you down. There is always time to make things better.  Look at your exam or paper and see what you got wrong on the exam.  Did you study the concept enough?  Did you misinterpret the questions?  Answering these questions will help you prepare for the next exam or paper.
  • Attend office hours and tutoring:  It is important to get extra help if you are unsure of the material in class.  A professor or tutor can clear up any questions while you are preparing yourself.
  • Take good notes:  If you felt your notes lacked the first half of the semester, listen carefully in class to take better notes.  Compare your notes with other friends or classmates in the class.  If you missed some of the notes or what the professor said in class, email the professor or seek them out in their office hours.
  • Stager your studying:  For retention, it is better to stager your studying as opposed to cramming.  Be sure to review your material ahead of time so you are not cramming.  This can also reduce stress and anxiety you may have too.
  • Stay healthy:  There is no use in studying when you are stressed or overwhelmed.  Take good care of yourself in these next few weeks.  It is all about studying smarter, not harder.  Remember to eat healthy, go to the gym, and get enough sleep.  All of this will not only help you physically but mentally as well.


Good luck!





















Receiving Fall 2017 Accommodations:

To our returning students, schedule your appointment with us today to reassess and/or reassign your accommodations for Fall 2017 class. 

To new students, if you would also like to receive accommodations for a documented disability, please provide the office with appropriate paperwork which can include IEPs/504 Plans, physician diagnoses, therapist diagnoses, etc. that will help us understand your needs. Call (508.999.8711) or come to the office to schedule your appointment. You can provide us documentation then, email it, or bring it at the time of your appointment.