Center for Access and Success

As the fall semester approaches, make sure you begin to prepare so you will have a smooth transition. Check your email and myCourses for any updates from your professors.  Some will post the syllabus online so you can view it ahead of time.  Also, check COIN to see what your books are and purchase them now before the semester begins.







Receiving Fall 2017 Accommodations: To our returning students back from their summer break, as we have done in previous semesters, please try to schedule your appointment with us either the first couple of weeks before school begins or into the first couple weeks of the semester to ensure we reassess and/or reassign your accommodations for Fall 2017 as early as possible. 

To new students, if you would also like to receive accommodations for a documented disability, please provide the office with appropriate paperwork which can include IEPs/504 Plans, physician diagnoses, therapist diagnoses, etc. that will help us understand your needs. Call (508.999.8711) or come to the office to schedule your appointment. You can provide us documentation then, email it, or bring it at the time of your appointment.

Important note for parents and students: Event though we provide accommodations to help students as much as possible, we use IEPs/504 Plans as informational guides to tell us what has been beneficial to the student in the past. However, there are many things afforded to students in those plans that we cannot provide at the university level such as altered course work or course load, providing words banks, breaking things down into smaller pieces at the classroom level, etc. Due to these restrictions we encourage our students to start talking to and working with professors during office hours very early in their college career to address their specific concerns about course content and pace.

We also encourage students to use the tutoring centers to help them comprehend their assignments, plan them out, and go over them together. Our office provides a graduate assistant for time management and organization skills such as breaking assignments into smaller chunks and promoting self-advocacy skills.