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Statement of Solidarity

The team at the UMass Dartmouth Counseling Center is deeply saddened by the continuing and senseless acts of violence against Black people, Brown people, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, and other marginalized people in this country. We stand in solidarity with our students in affirming the dignity, humanity, and worth of all members of our campus community. We stand against hate, oppression, and discrimination, and work to uphold the principles of peace, equality, and justice in our work and in our communities.

We acknowledge that our staff comprises almost entirely White clinicians and support staff at present, and we are actively working to broaden our representation to more effectively reflect the community we are honored to serve. We understand both the urgency of this need, as well as the frustration that comes with lack of representation. Simultaneously, each member of our team is committed to our own journey of cultural humility, growth in awareness of our privilege and biases, and deepening of our dedication to a more just and safe community for all.

We believe that serving the campus community is a privilege, and we take seriously the trust our students place in us. To be clear, the Counseling Center is a safe place for all. We want to remind you that we are here for you as you cope with the scars left by a legacy of violence, injustice, and exclusion. If you are interested in meeting with a counselor, please call us at (508)999-8648 to request an appointment.

In solidarity,

Catherine H. Perry, PhD – Director
Nancy Harper, LICSW – Associate Director
Rachel W. Friendly, PhD – Staff Psychologist & Training Director
David Perry, PhD – Staff Psychologist
Nik Olendzki, PsyD – Staff Psychologist
Rhonda McLoughlin – Administrative Support
Lisa Ayotte – Administrative Support
James Graham, MA – Clinical Trainee
Jaclyn Gray, MA – Clinical Trainee


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