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In this video, you will learn how to stay concentrated and stay focused for long periods of time, specifically in school and during studies. There are 5 factors that weaken focus and you can take steps to avoid falling for these factors. 

If your studying gets interrupted often by distractions or the temptation to multi-task, watch this video for methods of building your ability to focus.


How to improve concentration starts with these few basic steps.

Create a dedicated study area to improve student focus. How to improve concentration and focus starts with designating a specific area for study. Keep it free from clutter, have all study aids and tools ready and only use the space to study.

Avoid distractions while studying. Turn off the cell phone and place a notice or sign indicating scheduled study time. Don’t surf the Internet while studying. Use the Internet for research, if necessary, but avoid responding to emails or checking favorite websites.

Set up a schedule – and stick to it. Student focus requires developing a study schedule that matches energy levels throughout the day. Some people study better in the morning, while others study better at night. Choose the best time of day based on energy levels as one of the ways to improve concentration. Learning how to improve focus and concentration is not that hard when following a set schedule.

Avoid loud music or television. Turn off the television while studying. Leave on soothing music that doesn’t distract, but keep it at a low volume. This is an important lesson in how to improve concentration.

Develop a study strategy. This is just one of the ways to improve concentration. Choose a study strategy that works. Some people use flashcards to help them remember, while others work with a study partner and recite questions and answers together. Choose a tailored study strategy.

Take scheduled breaks. By taking schedule breaks, the mind has a chance to rest. Take a walk, add in a 15 or 20 minute exercise schedule – break up the study routine to improve.

Improve focus in school by developing good listening habits. Take notes while in lectures and pay attention. Be engaged in learning. Commit to helping kids focus in schools by staying focused on the lesson at hand. Don’t be a distraction to others.

Use the SQR3 method when reading study materials. Take time to survey required reading. Develop a list of questions based upon chapter titles and individual sub sections. Read and locate answers to the questions. Recite the questions aloud and answer them. Review the work complete. How to improve concentration and focus starts with commitment and dedication to the subject matter and goals.

Develop objectives and goals. To keep school focus high and to achieve results, develop a list of objectives and goals. Create an easy-to-follow outline that lists goals and objectives. Share study strategies with others – helping kids focus in schools – helps you as well.

Reward yourself. When a person wants to learn how to improve focus and concentration, creating a reward system provides incentive for achieving goals. Rewards can include playing favorite video games, a movie night out or a visit with friends. These rewarding moments also help improve concentration because the mind has a chance to relax.


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