Hints for Effective Reading


1. Know your purpose before you read.

2. Read to remember

3. Skip what you don’t need to read.

4. Read for ideas and continually take notes after reading each paragraph.

5. Read for the knowledge of the information rather than for decoding skills.

6. Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph for main ideas and summary.

7. Question while you read and read to answer the questions.

8. Guess what the author is trying to tell you.

9. Have a plan for how to read the subject mater.

10. Read the questions at the end of the chapter or section first. They usually reflect/signal the main ideas of the material to be read.



  • After a single reading, the average student forgets 80% of what has been read.

Research has show that students who spend 25% of their time reading and 75% of their time reciting what they have read retain much more of the information than those who spend 100% of their time reading.


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