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Living & Learning Communities

Living on campus will provide you with extraordinary experiences and opportunities to meet new friends and create a strong network and lifetime of memories. We offer living and learning communities to connect you with students who share similar majors and/or interests with lots of opportunities to get involved.

Arts in our Community (Visual and Performing Arts Majors)

Arts in our Community is committed to support the academic, artistic and personal growth of students enrolled in the College for Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) and others interested in exploring their artistic abilities. The community works closely with the college to enhance the classroom experience by connecting with CVPA sponsored programs in the residence halls, and skill development exercises. The community is served by an Artist in Residence.

Business Savvy Community

The Business Savvy Community (BSC) is open to all incoming business majors. The program connects with the Charlton College of Business (CCB) Faculty to engage in business programs and activities and student leadership opportunities. Students will also have the option of joining Collegiate DECA and Finance Club that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in business. This is an excellent way for students to get involved on campus as all programming will be focused on developing students as business leaders and exploring community sustainability and civic engagement.

Health Careers Community

The Health Careers Community is designed to connect first year Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing and those students interested in Health Careers. The Health Careers Living and Learning Community will interact with the College of Nursing & Health Sciences faculty, staff, and alumni, and engage in study sessions with students in the same math and science and other courses. Students will be advised by those interested in nursing or medical laboratory science path and engage in activities and events with their peers.

Honors Scholar Community

The Honors Scholar Living & Learning community for first-year and select sophomore students is a great way to get involved with the Honors Program as soon as you enter UMass Dartmouth. You will live with other first-year and sophomore students who share similar interests, backgrounds, and identities in the Honors Program, which allows you to get to know your peers. Since you will be taking similar classes as other Honors first-years, the Honors LLC provides a good support system and built-in study groups.

Women in Engineering

The Women in Engineering Community (WiE) is part of the College of Engineering community, and provides first-year engineering, computer science, and physics women students with support through a variety of opportunities for students to become integrated into the College of Engineering. Students will interact with female College of Engineering faculty, staff, and alumni, and engage in study sessions with students in the same math and science courses. For more information about WiE feel free to visit their website.

Theme Housing

Corsair Explorers

Corsair Explorers partners with the College of Arts and Sciences Student Transition and Achievement Resource Center (CAS STAR Center) and other academic colleges, Career Center, the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement, and other offices to help students explore majors, career development, and civic engagement. Corsair Explorers is a great way to discover academic majors, careers, and how to engage on the UMass Dartmouth campus.

Fuel Engineering Careers

In partnership with the College of Engineering and the Career Center, this living and learning community brings together students interested in pursuing a career in engineering. Students will take an engineering foundations course together, form study and support groups, dinner with faculty, explore career paths, engaging in programming, and be connected to campus, community and alumni resources.

The Global Village

The Global Village is home to students from around the world who live together and explore global topics. The Global Village is open to all students regardless of background experiences with global perspectives who are interested in exploring different global identities, cultures, and experiences. Participants engage in an integrated learning experience that holistically equips them as ethical, engaged, and responsible world citizens and scholars. Residents of the Global Village aim to expand their worldview, enhance their intercultural skills, and build relationships within a multicultural, multinational, and multidisciplinary community.

Healthy Living Substance Free Community

The Healthy Living Community is supported by the Health Educator and houses students who are committed to healthy habits for good mental, physical and emotional health. Students wishing to live in this environment will sign a pledge and agree not to consume alcohol, use illicit drugs or introduce any harmful substances into the designated environment. Students who choose to live in this community will partner with the Health Educator to offer and participate in programs and activities with campus partners to promote a substance free lifestyle.

Interfaith Community

The Interfaith Community partners with the Religious & Spiritual Life office to offer programs and services for students seeking to learn more about the diversity of religious, spiritual, and ethical practices observed both on campus and throughout the world.

Service and Sustainability

The Service and Sustainability Community is supported by the Sustainability Office and faculty who support broadly explore the connection between environmentalism, social justice, and giving back to the community around them. The Service & Sustainability Community will include opportunities for students to engage in sustainability initiatives and work alongside campus partners in both structured and informal ways to encourage environmental responsibility, and advocate for positive change. All students, regardless of major, are invited to participate within this community to explore different methods of sustainability and how it affects the world around us.

Society of Gamers

Board game lovers, computer gamers, and others game lovers are invited to live together in the Society of Gamers theme community. Learn about game creation and enjoy game board nights. Live in this gaming community with people who share your enthusiasm for gaming.

Sustained Dialogue Initiative

The Sustained Dialogue Initiative is supported by the Frederick Douglass House, Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality, and Religious and Spiritual Life Office in concert with the national Sustained Dialogue Institute. Students who select to engage in the Sustained Dialogue Initiative will be a part of a community that works to transform differences into the strong relationships essential to building effective communication and stronger, more collaborative communities.

Sylvia Rivera Gender Inclusive Community

Sylvia Rivera was a leader and pioneer in the trans rights movement in the United States. Her work focused on the inclusion of people, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, socioeconomic class or ability. We have chosen to honor Sylvia Rivera by using her name in this community. The SRC welcomes those who want to learn more about issues surrounding gender identity, sexuality, and social justice. Students choosing to live in this environment are opting to engage in a brave space and will learn from their peers' personal experiences alongside critical theory. Students living in this community will build ties to the greater UMass Dartmouth community, especially the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality and the Women and Gender Studies Department. This community is designated as gender inclusive, which means it is welcome to all genders. Students may feel more comfortable living with folks of another gender identity, and in the SRC, assignments are not determined by biological sex or sex assigned at birth. Please note that students must actively choose to live in this community.


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