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Permitted furnishings and items

  • audio/video equipment
  • bed risers (must be actual bed risers - safety approved, etc. No concrete blocks!)
  • computers
  • extension cords (must be: UL listed, heavy duty with a ground wire and three prong plug)
  • fans
  • hair dryers
  • irons (with auto-off)
  • lamps
  • microwaves (small, 1200 watts or less)
  • phones
  • posters
  • refrigerators (3.5 cubic feet or smaller)
  • televisions
  • toasters and toaster ovens (only permitted in apartment kitchens)
  • UL-approved string lights

Prohibited furnishings and items

  • air conditioners
  • candles/incense
  • fish tanks greater than a 10 gallon capacity
  • furniture, upholstered
  • futons
  • grills of any kind (electric, charcoal, gas, propane, hibachi, etc.)
  • guns (including water, paintball, BB, plastic, etc.)
  • hoverboards
  • knives (other than those used for food preparation/consumption or academic classes)
  • lamps, halogen - also, lamps with multiple bulbs (spider lamps, etc.)
  • lights (neon, covered string lights, rope lights, etc)
  • mattresses, personal
  • open coil heating elements (including space heaters)
  • Prolonger and/or high heat appliances (including space heaters, deep fryers, 3D printers, etc.)
  • routers
  • tapestries or any material used as a canopy or wall decoration - cannot cover more than 25% of wall space

For a full list of Housing related policies, please visit our Housing Handbook

You know what else is a good idea? Insurance! You may want to check with your homeowner's policy to see if your belongings would be covered OR look at getting renters' insurance. Although we do not recommend any specific company for coverage, here‌ is an example of a policy you could look into: NSSI Brochure


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