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Each residence hall for incoming students—first-years and transfers—features a number of different Engagement Communities. These Engagement Communities:

  • increase awareness of opportunities and resources at UMass Dartmouth
  • encourage participation in campus activities
  • enhance academic, personal, and social success

Engagement Communities are based on preferences expressed by incoming students…so residence hall themes change and evolve based on incoming students' own preferences.

Visit Engagement Communities for more information.

About the first-year residence halls (Spring 2020)

Each of the first-year halls is staffed with a live-in Lead Coordinator (LC) and 17 resident assistants (RAs, who are upper-level students). All first-year halls are five stories high.

Each room is furnished with:

  • bedframes with extra-long twin mattress
  • desks and chairs
  • closets and dressers

And is equipped with:

  • cable TV

Each of the first-year halls also offers

  • multi-purpose rooms with study and recreational space
  • laundry room

About the first-year residence halls (Fall 2020)

We are constructing NEW residence halls to open in Fall 2020.

What is gender-inclusive housing?

Gender-inclusive Housing is a suite of rooms in which assignments are not determined by biological sex. This is often seen as a "safe space" for students who feel more comfortable living with students of a different biological sex, transgender students, or students interested in social justice issues involving gender conformity. Please note that students must actively choose to live in this community. 

Any questions or interest in gender inclusive housing options can be directed to our Assistant Director for Housing Administrative Services, Brad Rohrer, at

What if I need some sort of special accommodations?

Visit ADA Reasonable Housing Accommodations to make requests for special accommodations. If you have a request or question that falls into another area, please don't hesitate to contact the housing office at or 508-999-8140. We are happy to work with students individually to consider current on-campus housing that meets your needs. 

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