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Employee Recognition

The following people will be celebrating milestone anniversaries at UMass Dartmouth in 2021:


Amado,Leliana Ramos Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Amado,Melinda Ramos Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Andrade,Tye Justin University Police Officer UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
Avery,Mary Duarte Dir. of Integrated Media University Marketing
Carmo,Maria G Maintainer I Janitorial
Carrington,Denise Program Coordinator Upward Bound
Chevalier,Maurice J. Hvac I HVAC
Connelly,Kevin Instructor/Lecturer/Trainer Faculty Law School
Costa Jr.,Gilbert Skilled Laborer Grounds
Costa,Melissa M Asst. Director Admissions Law School
Doan,Kathryn Ngoc Administrative Assistant II Career Center
Escaler,Melissa M Part-Time Lecturer Adult Nursing
Espinola,Esperanza B EDP Entry Operator III Parking
Farber,Hillary Brave Professor Faculty Law School
Fernandes,Jessica Asst. Dean CVPA Visual & Performing Arts
Fragata,Hilario S Third Class Power Plant Engin Power Plant
Gannon,Sharon A Assoc Dir Financial Aid Financial Aid Office
Gouck,Neal Harry Assistant Dean CCB Charlton College of Bus
Hankins,Laurel Virginia Associate Professor Depart English & Communication
Heffernan,Lorraine A Associate Librarian Library Information Services
Hinote,Andrew R Instructional Designer Instructional Development CITS
Hoffman,Deanna Lynn Administrative Assistant I Nursing & Health Science
Jacobs,George Instructor/Lecturer/Trainer Faculty Law School
Kish,Robin J. Benefited Part-time Lecturer Depart English & Communication
Kulick,Rachel Associate Professor Sociology & Anthro Department
Lawrence,Jaime Marie Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Lohrenz,Steven E Professor Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Macrine,Sheila M Professor STEM Educ & Teacher Developmnt
Malone,Helen Athletic Officials Trainer's Room
Medeiros,Kiley Clinical Assistant Professor Adult Nursing
Moore,Robert E. Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Murphy,Jennifer L Coord ES3 Engin Stud Sup & Ser Engineering
Neves,Miguel A Maintainer I Housing Custodial
Orphanides,Alexia Mari Undergraduate Academic Advisor Nursing & Health Science
Paige,Mark A Associate Professor Public Policy Department
Peltz-Steele,Richard John Chancellor Professor Faculty Law School
Pereira,Mario Executive Editor Center for Portuguese Studies
Quinn,John F Asst.Dean Pub Int Law & Ex Re Office of the Dean Law School
Rayne,James P Medical Assistant II Health Services
Reynolds,Michael R. University Police Sergeant UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
Rosa,Ricardo Daniel Associate Professor Public Policy Department
Sandby-Thomas,Peter FullTime Lecturer Political Science Department
Sasin,Amy L Staff Asst. Ath Game Mgmt Wrk Athletic Department
Saunders,John Thomas Direct. of Leased Campus Facil Facilities Operations
Schmidt,Andre CK Scientific Systems Manager SMAST
Spencer,Shaun B Associate Dean-Law School Faculty Law School
Viveiros,Jennifer Dunbar Assistant Professor Adult Nursing
Wallace,Tracy Lynn Sr. Coord for New Stud Transf Enrollment Management
Walsh,Paula J. Clinical Assistant Professor Community Nursing Dept


Alston-Hanna,Viviane Samy Professor Crime and Justice Studies Dept
Arruda,Doreen D. Senior Administrative Assistan Facilities Operations
Bailey,Ingrid Maria Academic Affairs Assistant Academic Affairs
Bejtlich,Michael L. OCE Instructor Management & Marketing
Cheyne,Michelle S. Professor Foreign Language Department
Costa,Kristin J University Police Officer UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
Desmarais,Michael A. Part-Time Lecturer Decision & Information Science
Desrosiers Jr.,William Hvac I HVAC
Dias,Mark A. Sr. Budget Analyst Budget
Ducharme,Matthew H. Recruiting Coord/Head Coach Athletic Department
Emmett,Cheryl J. Exec. Office Director Admin & Fiscal Services
Farinha,Olivia C. Administrative Assistant I College Now
Fields,Keota Associate Professor Philosophy Department
Gatenby,Damon N. Director of Instructional Tech Instructional Development CITS
Gomes,Damon P University Police Lieutenant UMass Dartmouth Police Dept.
Ironfield,Richard P. OCE Instructor History Department
Kershaw,Trina Professor Psychology Department
Li,Dapeng Professional Technician III BioEngineering
Lyonnais,Eric J. Facility Manager SMAST
Mahoney,Kelley H Asst Dir Marktg & Recruit Graduate Studies
Majewski,Deborah A Asst. VC Organizational Behav Human Resources
McWain,Andrew J FullTime Lecturer Music Department
Miller,Juma Clerk IV Decision & Information Science
Miller,Roberta W. Instructor/Lecturer/Trainer Labor Education Center
Mulnix,Jennifer W. Professor Philosophy Department
Nguyen,Duong D. Professor Accounting/Finance Department
Pilskaln,Cynthia Professor Estuarine & Ocean Sciences
Prentiss,David M. OCE Instructor Political Science Department
Rai,Bharatendra K. Professor Decision & Information Science
Rohrer,Bradley Aaron Asst. Dir. Housing & Admin Ser Housing Office
Sivertsen,Leanne T Accountant II Bursar
Sosa,Mary-Elizabeth Assistant Professor Adult Nursing
Straight,Karen S. OCE Instructor Sociology & Anthro Department
Taylor,James E. First Class Power Plant Eng Power Plant
Turcotte-Shamski,Elan J. Dir of Admissions & Operations Online & Continuing Education
Wimberly,Suzanne Marie Part-Time Lecturer Depart English & Communication


Braley,Wayne A. Maintainer III Housing Custodial
Chen,Changsheng Professor Fisheries Oceanography
Costa,Susan Administrative Assistant II Visual & Performing Arts
Gardner,Catherine H Villanueva Professor Women & Gender Studies
Hathaway,Michele A EDP Systems Analyst III IT Service Center
Healy,Deirdre E. Director of Comm. Serv. & Part Community Serv & Partnerships
Hutchinson,Rebecca S. Professor Art and Design
Klobucka,Anna M. Commonwealth Professor Portuguese Department
Lee,Yoon Soo Professor Art and Design
Monte,Tobias S. Part-Time Lecturer Music Department
Motta,Catherine Student Employment Manager Financial Aid Office
Roy,Matthew H. Asst VC Career & Civic Engage Leduc Ctr for Civic Engagement
Schlezinger,David Research Associate SMAST SMAST
Schwartz,Carolyn H. Part-Time Lecturer Biology Dept
Sethares,Kristen A. Professor Adult Nursing
Towne,Shawn G. Associate Professor Art and Design
Williams,Brian G. Professor History Department
Zhao,Liuzhi Research Associate SMAST Fisheries Oceanography


Buck,John R. Chancellor Professor Electrical/Computer Eng Dept
Callahan,Audra A. University Registrar University Records
Elliott,Kathleen M. Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing
Farrar,Judith K Librarian Library Archives
Ferreira,Jennifer Administrative Assistant I University Records
Girard,Linda A. Senior Administrative Assistan Arts & Sciences
Ladd,Thomas S. Professor Art and Design
Pacheco,Melissa M Asst. Dean Grad Stud Bus Charlton College of Bus
Pennock,Kimberley Asst.VC HR Operations Human Resources
Picard,Charlene E. Accountant III Advancement Services
Silva,Tammy A. Dir Inst'l Research & Assess Institutional Research
Stahl,Jann D. Asst. Director for Aux. Serv. Administrative Services Off
Vasconcelos,Kelli J. Administrative Assistant I College Now


Moniz,Nancy M. Asst. Dir Enroll Serv Law Registrar Law School


Anacleto,Kurtis K Skilled Laborer Housing Maintenance
Cooley,Jo-Ann Library Circul. Mnger/Lib Asst Library Access Services
Luis,Manny A Supervisor of Janitors Janitorial


Kim,Yong K. Chancellor Professor BioEngineering