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 F-1 and J-1 student visas

Please use the links to left of this page to learn more about F-1 and J-1 visas. There are also checklists to use before (pre-arrival) you come the United States, and after (post-arrival) you arrive in the United States.


We know that many of you will seek advice from friends or other students who have been in the US for a while. Although you can certainly receive good advice from friends, you will receive the most current and accurate information on immigration regulations and requirements from the International Student & Scholar Center (ISSC). Various government regulations are always changing and may be different from those your peers and family remember!

Culture shock

As you embark on your exciting journey of studying in the U.S. you may experience a variety of feelings as you are "culturally adapting," and this is known as culture shock. But rest assured that culture shock is temporary and a very normal process that nearly everyone goes through.  This experience will be explained and discussed further at International Student Orientation.

Getting help

Talking about your experiences with friends is helpful, and there are offices on campus who are specially trained to help with adjusting to a new country, climate, diet, and neighborhood. See the Related Links on the right.











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