Study Abroad Scholarships

UMass Dartmouth Scholarships

There are two scholarships awarded by the university that all students are eligible to apply for with the UMass Dartmouth Foundation Office in the Foster Administration Building. Applications may be downloaded here.

Dean Mary Louise Walsh Scholarship
Michael W. MacFarlane, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Professor Joseph A. Bronstad Scholarship
Students participating in any of the Hessen programs are also eligible to apply for the Professor Joseph A. Bronstad Scholarship, which was established to recognize and reward the achievement of a student entering the sophomore or junior year or a first semester senior who will study for an academic year, semester, January intersession or summer program in the State of Hessen, Germany. Preference will be given to students in any major who are maintaining a grade point average of 3.0.  Further, preference will be given to students who have successfully completed German 101 and 102. Applications may be downloaded here.

Third-party Provider Scholarships

Many third-party providers offer scholarship funding for specific programs and fields of study.  Check the provider website and contact them for specifics. 


US Government Scholarships

The United States federal government offers a number of scholarships primarily for students studying in countries where the US would like to develop greater familiarity and expertise (typically not western Europe or Australia).  Particularly for students with well-developed and concrete study abroad goals, these are realistic and substantial funding options.  Such scholarships include the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship (for Pell Grant recipients only), Boren Awards for International Study, the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia, and Fulbright awards.  The scholarships are highly competitive and students should begin early to prepare a thorough and well-edited submission.  Contact the IPO early for further information.

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