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What is the Healthy Minds Survey?

The Healthy Minds Survey is a survey about student health and well-being. The purpose of the study is to better understand student mental health and related issues (e.g. sleep habits, use of alcohol and other drugs, eating and body image, etc.) and sources of support. The Healthy Minds Study was designed specifically for colleges and universities, and its success depends on gathering the diverse perspectives of all types of students--therefore your participating is key. By participating, you will be providing UMass Dartmouth with valuable information that will improve student life.

Is the survey confidential?

Your participation in the study is voluntary and confidential. The results of the survey will be reported in aggregate form only, and you will not be identified.

Why is it important that I fill out the survey?

The Healthy Minds Study team, in collaboration with UMass Dartmouth, want to better understand student mental health. This study asks thousands of undergraduate and graduate students across the country, and abroad, questions about their well-being, where they get support, their use of alcohol and other drugs, and other mental and emotional health issues.

Getting this information from students from across the country will help us get a clearer picture of how students handle the stresses of college life and how well their mental and emotional health needs are being met. Even more importantly, UMass Dartmouth will get valuable information to help us make decisions about mental health programs and resources on campus.

How long will it take to complete?

Most students complete the survey in 20-25 minutes.

If you do not have time to complete the survey in one sitting, you can come back to the website and continue where you left off.

How long will the survey be open?

Tuesday, February 18- Sunday, March 15, 2020

We encourage you to complete it as soon as you receive it.

Students who have not completed the survey will be sent periodic reminders inviting them to do so before the survey closes.

I checked my email and I didn’t receive a survey. What gives?

  • All UMass Dartmouth students will receive the survey.
  • Check your UMass Dartmouth email inbox; surveys are not sent to personal email addresses (GMail, etc.)
  • Search your UMass Dartmouth email for “Healthy Minds”.
  • Do you have filters set up for your incoming email? If yes, check all places (inboxes, folders) the email may have been sorted. For example, in Outlook, some folks have a “Focused” inbox and an “Other” inbox. Check both.
  • If, after checking all the above, you believe you should have received a survey and did not, email the Healthy Minds Study Team at

Can I win anything if I fill out the survey?


  • The first 200 students to complete the survey in the first week will automatically win a $5 meal voucher to any campus dining location.

Additionally, students who complete the survey will be entered to win one of several prizes, including:

  • Free on-campus parking for the 2020-21 academic year (1 winner)
  • $500 Amazon Gift Card (2 winners)*
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card (10 winners)*
  • $50 gift card to the Campus Store (1 winner)
  • Choice of a: FitBit Flex 2, Apple Airpods, or a Polaroid Pop Camera (1 winner)

* Entry into a national sweepstakes for one of 10 $100 Amazon Gift Cards and one of two $500 Amazon Gift Cards.

You may also benefit by knowing that you have assisted in providing accurate information regarding health behaviors on our campus. The information will help us make decisions about mental health programs and resources on campus.

Where can I get more information?

  • Read our FAQs!
  • Email the Healthy Minds Study Team at
  • Contact the principal investigator of this study, Daniel Eisenberg, at or Beth-Anne Guthrie at or 508.910.6965.
  • Contact the JED Program Director, Lee Swain, at or 212.647.7544 if you have any questions about their collaboration with your school or the de-identified data they will be receiving.
  • If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant or wish to obtain information, ask questions, or discuss any concerns about this study with someone other than the researchers, please contact:
    Advarra Institutional Review Board
    Advarra IRB FAQs

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