Charlton College of Business Master of Business Administration ranked 23rd in the nation for best return on investment

College Consensus found the UMassD MBA increased business professional’s future career opportunities

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College Consensus, a research-based higher education ranking site, ranked the Charlton College of Business MBA 23rd in the nation on its Best Value MBA Programs 2021 list. The MBA was highly ranked due to its significant return on investment in the form of business opportunities for graduates.

In its findings, College Consensus found that the Charlton College MBA provides advanced exposure to management concepts and principles for those graduate students with business and non-business bachelor’s degrees. The MBA is responsive to the evolving demands of the technology-driven global economy by utilizing leading business professionals and seasoned industry scholars to offer graduate students the option to concentrate in many specific areas.

The ranking site’s methodology was focused on a return on investment metric that was formed by taking the business school average base salary and subtracting the MBA base tuition cost then dividing by the MBA base tuition cost.

The on-campus MBA program requires 30 credit hours and allows students to complete it on a part-time or full-time basis while on-campus or through online study and has ten concentrations that include accounting, business analytics (STEM approved), environmental policy (interdisciplinary), finance, health systems management, and international business.

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