UMass Dartmouth Mission and Vision Statement

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Mission Statement

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a public university offering a diverse mix of excellent, affordable, and personalized educational programs and experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, in an attractive SouthCoast location.

Members of the University conduct research and provide innovative public service. The University advances knowledge and acts as a catalyst and partner for development of the region, the Commonwealth, and beyond.

Ten Year Vision (June, 2010)

UMass Dartmouth has undergone a series of Transformative tasks to become a new kind of university. It is a less insular, more connected, teaching, research, and knowledge centered enterprise that has broken down internal and external boundaries to make it more responsive to 21st century learning needs.

Within a climate that is inclusive, open and diverse, UMassD is the university of choice for students seeking high quality, academic programs that integrate professional studies, liberal arts and sciences, and experiential education.

To support regional education and industry needs, the University has additional masters programs and Ph.D. programs, with commensurate support. The physical and technological capabilities of the University have been enhanced for the delivery of our educational and outreach programs.

Interdisciplinary initiatives have been integrated into the culture of the university. Outcome assessment has become a standard in all campus activities. We have seized opportunities to partner with external constituencies to the mutual benefit of all.

The University is a hub in the region for library holdings intellectual exchange, cultural, and recreational activities.