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Financial Business and Reporting Systems Descriptions  

PeopleSoft Financials – ERP Financial System of record.  Used for viewing Budget balances and errors and running financial reports: Transaction Detail, Revenue and Expense Detail and Open Encumbrance.  Also, used for entering Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports, Approving Travel documents, re-allocating monthly Bank Card Charges to the proper general ledger account.  View purchasing and expenses data and run pre-defined queries.

SUMMIT Financial Reporting - Oracle’s Business Intelligence web-based reporting tool updated nightly from PeopleSoft data.  Pre-defined dashboards for viewing Budget Summary balances, Revenue and Expense Activity, Open Encumbrances and Transaction detail.  View for Overhead, Revenue Generating, Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Project Budgets.   Also look up speed-chart information and balances by GL Account.   

BuyWays Procurement System - Create requisitions to purchase goods and services.  Request contracts , send supplier invites and approve requisitions and invoices.  Upload and approve bank statements. Search for procurement documents.

Security Roles

BuyWays Shopper - Shop for goods & services and search for existing orders. Limited role that may enter but not submit orders for purchase.  Orders must be assigned to a requisitioner for submission.  Shoppers cannot be Requisitioners or Requisition Approvers.  Check the box on the form below if requesting new access to this role,changing departments or a returning user.  Typically assigned to Graduate Student employees and Maintainers. 

BuyWays Requisitioner - Shop for goods and services & submit cart for ordering and approval. Create Contract requests and Supplier invites. Approve invoices.  Load bank card receipts in BuyWays and search for orders. Cannot be Requisition Approver or Shopper. Role is typically assigned to administrative assistants, clerks and those that need to purchasefor a department.  Check the box on the form  below if new access to module is required, changing departments or if a returning user.

BankCard Re-allocator – Re-allocate Bank Card Charges in PeopleSoft to the appropriate GL account. Check the box in the form below if new access is required, changing departments or a returning user. Specify department(s) to re-allocate.  To re-allocate as proxy on behalf of another, user must have this role and cardholder must email  to complete setup.  Provide proxy name, Card Holder name and last 4 digits of card.  Refer to UPST website for information on how to apply for a card.  

BuyWays Requisition Approver – Approve purchase Requisitions and invoice match exceptions.  Approve Bank Card Charges, search for supplier invoices. Specify departments to approve on form.   Cannot be a requisitioner or shopper.

PeopleSoft Expenses Entry –Enter, update, add attachments, view, cancel, print, delete Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports in PeopleSoft Finance. To enter on behalf of another, user must have this role and email and provide the employee's name, employee ID and email address.  

PeopleSoft Expense Manager – Reviews, approves, denies Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports. Can send back for edit and run budget check on an individual report.  Cannot approve own reports.  Some academic departments have a two-step approval process.  Expense Manager Reviewer and Expense Manager Approver. 

PeopleSoft Reporting and Summit Financial Reporting - Run PeopleSoft Financial reports and queries, review budget balances and Inquire on Budget Errors.  View Expense Inquiry, PO Inquiry pages.   View Summit Department Management Financial Dashboards.  Inquire on Budget Balances, Transaction Detail, Revenue and Expense Activity, Open Encumbrances, Requisition Detail.  

Finance User Security Access Information

IT Help Desk – If you've taken training, filled out and submitted your security forms and need to check the status of your security setup, please contact Access Management via the IT Help Desk or you can open a ticket with CITS.

A User Access Security Form must be completed and approved in addition to training for access to the business systems.  Finance systems are: BuyWays Requisitioning and Approving, Travel and Expenses Approvals, Reallocating Bank Card Charges, PeopleSoft Budget Inquiry and Reporting and Summit Financial Reporting. 

Please complete and return the form to on or prior to the training date. The form can be found on the Forms page. Finance User Access Security Form

Obtain Access to the PeopleSoft Financial, Summit Financial Reporting and BuyWays Procurement Systems

  1. Summit Reporting, PeopleSoft Financials Reporting and Budgets Lookup.  Training is required. Fill out a Finance User Access Security Form sections 1, 2, 3, 4. Have the form approved by your manager. Return to the controller: Access is granted by CITS access management after training and approved forms are completed and approved by a supervisor and the controller.   It will be one day after notification of setup before the access is available.  

  2. Terra Dotta Travel Registry.  No special security is needed. Login from My Umass D > More Campus Systems on the MyUmassD portal. Training job aids and video may be found on My UMass D > Financial Systems Information 

  3. If you have access but need additional department access for reporting or approval: fill out a User Access Security form.  Request a change of access sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. List the department(s) needed in section 4 and check corresponding module box.  Have the form approved by your manager. Return to the controller, 

    For additional module access, schedule training, request a change of access and fill in sections 1,2,3 and 4.

  4. For Travel and Expenses Entry - Take the training.  Visit UPST Training Information and Signup to sign up for training.  No security form is needed for this access.  Trainer initiates security setup upon completion of training.

  5. To enter Travel and Expenses on behalf of another user, open an IT Help Desk ticket. List the name, phone number and employee ID or email address of the person for whom proxy access is needed.  You must have Travel and Expenses access.  (see #4)

  6. For Travel and Expenses Manager or Reviewer Approval or BuyWays Approver –Training is required. Visit  UPST Training Information and Signup for information.  

    Fill out a Finance User Access Security Form, 1, 2, 3, 4.  Return the manager approved form to the controller,  Access is granted by CITS Access Management after training is completed and approved forms are submitted to and approved by the controller.

  7. BuyWays Requisitioning: Training is Required.
    Statement upload and contract requester is included in requisitioner access. Visit the UMass President's Office website for training dates. Fill out a User Access Security Form sections 1, 2, 3.   

  8. PeopleSoft Bank Card reallocations,  Training is required. BuyWays Statement upload is included with Requisitioner access. Visit the UMass President's Office website for training dates.  
    Return a manager approved form to  Access is granted by UMDAR Access Management after training is completed and approved form is received and approved by the controller. 
    Note: Bank Card Access is three steps. UMDAR Access Management grants page access in PeopleSoft to reallocate charges. You also need BankCard USer access in BuyWays to upload statements.  This is included with the Requisitioner role.  If you don't need the requisitioner role, email the controller to ask for Bank Card USer role and provide the training date and your employee ID. 

    UPST sets up the BankCard and assigns a user to a card and proxy access to reallocate.   If you need to be  proxy for someone else's card, email and provide the cardholder name, your name, employee id and the last 4 digits of the card.  Please visit UPST Bank Card Help or email for more information.  
  9. If an “Approver” is leaving a department or terminating employment, fill out a User Access Security Form - Remove access.  Have it approved by a manager and return to  CITS will not automatically remove approver names from workflows when someone leaves, The terminated employee will not be able to login, but their name remains in the workflow until the form is completed. Additionallly, the department is responsible to setup a replacement approver.  Please see number 6. 

  10. If an employee is leaving a department, fill out a Finance User Access Security form -Remove access sections 1, 2, 4 to remove department reporting and approval access, have it approved by a manager and return to  Remove only the old department(s) access in section 4.

  11. UM Plan - Fill out the UM Plan Security access form and return to 

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