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    The Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality: 

Serving Women and the LGBT Community

Originally founded in 1970 as the Women's Center, the Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality offers resources and support on LGBT and women’s issues.  In addition, it coordinates campus initiatives to prevent sexual assault and intimate partner violence. CWGS is a voice for women and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community, with the purpose of eliminating barriers, diminishing prejudices, and creating a supportive climate and space for all. Central to our mission is the recognition that explorations of gender must take place in tandem with explorations of race, class, sexual orientation and other significant aspects of individual identity. As a department of Student Affairs, the Center also acts as a central coordinating agency  for campus and community groups.  The Center is located in the Campus Center in Suite 207.

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Celebrate Women's History Month

Outstanding Women Award

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