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What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound (UB) is a year-round, multi-year program designed for high school students who have the potential to succeed in college and could benefit from: tutoring, academic enrichment, pre-college skills development, career counseling, college visits, cultural enrichment and year-round academic and social support. UB provides opportunities for its scholars to succeed in high school and ultimately in college. The goal of UB is to increase the number of scholars that enroll in and graduate from college. There are 770 UB programs in the United States that serve over 56,000 students.

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Parent Workshops:

Sept. 28, 2016 @ NBHS 5-6pm For SENIORS ParentsONLY

Oct. 13, 2016 @ UMass 5-6:30 pm For SENIORS Parentls ONLY

November 2, 2016 @ NBHS 5-6pm **9-10th grade parents

February 15, 2017@ NBHS 5-6pm **11th grade parents

Senior Nights 2016-17 (Seniors Only)

October 5, 2016 Wednesday at UMass 5-7pm

October 12, 2016 Wednesday at UMass 5-7pm

March 9, 2017 Thursday at UMass 4-7pm (Scholarship Night)

March 30, 2017 Thursday at UMass 4-7pm (Scholarship Night)



October 26, 2016 @UMass 5-7pm (SENIORS AND PARENT)

November 16, 2016@UMass 5-7pm (SENIORS AND PARENT)

December 14, 2016 @UMass 5-6:30 **ALUMNI

December 21, 2016@UMass 5-6:30 **ALUMNI

After January 1, 2017 appointment only!

Saturday Sessions 2016-2017

September 17, 2016: at UMass Liberal Arts 9-12 room 117 LARTS

*October 15, 2016: College Tour (Details to follow)

November 5, 2016: at UMass Liberal Arts 9-12 pm room 117 LARTS                                                  

*December 3, 2016 Gifts to Give Community Service (details to follow)

March 4, 2017 : at UMass Dartmouth LARTS rm 104

Apirl 8, 2017 : at UMass Dartmouth LARTS rm 104

May 20, 2017: at UMass Dartmouth LARTS rm 117**Senior Celebration!


ALL SESSIONS ARE AT UMASS Dartmouth unless noted. Call office for any questions 508-999-8713

  UPCOMING COLLEGE TOURS and Leadership Events!

September 23-25 New England Student Leadership Conference in Vermont

October 15, 2016 Rhode Island College

October 27, 2016 tba

November 18, 2016 BCC tour

February 23-24 2017 TRIO DAY!

April 1, 2017 Fairy Godmother Event !(sign up at tutorials!)

Bus Pick up and Drop off Times for Saturday Sessions

Pick Up times in New Bedford:

Madison &S. 6th St. @ 8:15am

Rooselvet Middle School@ 8:20

Greater New Bedford Vocational @8:35

New Bedford High School @ 8:30

Wareham High School pick up 2 8:15

Drop off will be at approximately:

Madison &S.6h St. @ 12:20

Rooselvet @ 12:15

Greater New Bedford Vocational @ 12:00

New Bedford High School @ 12:05

Wareham High School @12:30

Please have your child at pick up location 5-10 minutes before the pickup time. If your child cannot attend please call the office: 508-999-8713.

Tutoring  2016-17

·        New Bedford High School : 2:40-5pm                                                           

§  Every MONDAY rm 230

·        Greater New Bedford Technical High School-2:30-4pm                                          

§  Every TUESDAY rm G110

·        Wareham High School- 2:15-4pm                                                                       

·  §  Every WEDNESDAY rm 115

·        Global Learning Charter School-3-5pm                                                               

§  Every THURSDAY rm 304

Tutorial will ONLY be canceled if school is closed due to bad weather or professional development day.


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