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Affirmative Action Plan

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is committed to affirmative action and fair employment.  In our classrooms, offices, and across the campus community, the University recognizes the value of diversity and inclusivity.

Each year, UMass Dartmouth prepares and maintains an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) in accordance with federal regulations.  The AAP is a comprehensive, results oriented continuing course of action, which articulates the University’s strategy to combat discrimination, put forth a good faith effort to attain goals and achieve equal employment opportunity.  The objectives of the AAP are to establish goals which promote affirmative action and eliminate any policy or employment practice that adversely affects members of the protected classes. 

The AAP, which includes reports regarding the University workforce as a whole and by occupational category, illustrates the University’s goal to achieve a workforce that is properly balanced and fully representational of the relevant labor market areas.  The AAP, both quantitively and qualitatively, measures the University’s degree of success in accomplishing hiring, promotion and program goals and evaluates the entire hiring process to ensure the absence of discriminatory policies and practices.

The process of completing the AAP affords the University not only the opportunity to engage in self-analysis to identify any barriers to equal employment opportunity, but to develop operational processes to enhance equal opportunity in all sectors of employment at UMass Dartmouth. 

UMass Dartmouth’s efforts in the area of affirmative action:

UMassD workforce data

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