Sheikh Fahad Ferdous, Ph. D.

Full Time Lecture

  • Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, 2015
  • B.Sc. in mechanical engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), 2008

Contact Information


Dr. Ferdous received his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Before that, he worked for a bank in Bangladesh. Prior to that, he received his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He has joined in the Multiscale Mechanics and Physics Lab (MMPL) in fall 2010. The objective of his PhD research encompasses an understanding of the toughening mechanism of ceramic based materials with minimal impact to other mechanical properties. He also worked on biomaterials, polymer composites, MEMS, and composite materials. He is now working on advanced materials design and failure mechanics of nanomaterials. Before joining in the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, He worked as a visiting assistant professor in the Binghamton University-SUNY and as an adjunct faculty in the University of Texas at Arlington. He is a member of the ASME and ASC.

Teaching/Research Interests:

Solid Mechanics, Mechanical Design, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Structural Mechanics, Biomechanics, Advanced Materials Design, Mechanics of Nanomaterials, Engineering Economics.

Selected Publications

Ashfaq Adnan, Farzad Sarker, and Sheikh F. Ferdous, “Biomechanics of Mineralized Collagens”, in Multiscale Simulations and Mechanics of Biological Materials, First Edition. Edited by Shaofan Li and Dong Qian. © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Published 2013 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Sheikh F Ferdous and Ashfaq Adnan “Mode-I Fracture Toughness Prediction of Diamond at the Nanoscale", Journal of Nanomechanics and Micromechanics, Volume 7, Issue 3, September 2017, 04017010.

Ashfaq Adnan, Sheikh F Ferdous “Mechanical Properties of Computationally Designed Novel Carbon Enriched Si1-xCx Ceramics: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study", Computational Materials Science, Volume 110, December 2015, Pages 331–339.

Ashfaq Adnan, Sheikh F Ferdous “Computational Design of Novel Carbon Enriched Si1-xCxCeramics: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study", Computational Materials Science, Volume 96, January 2015, Pages 354–359.

Sheikh F Ferdous, Ashfaq Adnan “Role of a Single Surface Vacancy on the Tensile Stress-strain Relations of Single Crystal Ni Nanowire", Computational Materials Science, Volume 90, July 2014, Pages 221–231.

Sheikh F Ferdous, Md. Farzad Sarker, Ashfaq Adnan " Role of Nanoparticle Dispersion and Filler- Matrix Interface on the Matrix Dominated Failure of Rigid C60-PE Nanocomposites: A molecular dynamics simulation study", Polymer, Volume 54, Issue 10, 26 April 2013, Pages 2565–2576.