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Immigration Updates

View the latest updates related to changes in federal and state immigration laws, policies and practices.

Obtaining an Employment Visa and Maintaining Status

This document gives an overview of the process for applying for an employment visa and then maintaining its status, as an employee at UMass Dartmouth.

This document concerns three main visa categories that will permit employees who are non-citizens lacking permanent residency to work at UMass Dartmouth. Brief mention is made of a few other categories. We are concentrating here on employees in positions that were posted and searched or created formally (such as post-doctoral or visiting scholar positions); although some of the information is relevant to those on such appointments as graduate assistantships, we are not specifically intending to cover assistantship matters here.

For more information: Employment Visa Process

Applying for Permanent Residency

This document gives an overview of the process for applying for permanent residency as an employee at UMass Dartmouth.

As an addendum to this document we append a "Permanent Residency Overview" prepared by the government (USCIS). We advise everyone interested in applying for permanent residency to review it and materials on the web that the government sponsors.

For more information: Permanent Residency process


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