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The logo for the Microsoft Bookings application

Microsoft Bookings is a tool available to Faculty and Staff that makes it easy to schedule appointments with your students.


Activate Bookings

Enable Bookings and set up a business calendar. Appointments made through Bookings appear in your Outlook Calendar.

  • Open a web browser, log into the portal at, and choose Outlook Mail from the Quicklaunch menu.
  • Click the App Launcher button in the upper left, click the All Apps link, and click Bookings.
  • On the Bookings page, click the Get it Now button.
  • Click the Add a booking calendar button.
  • Enter a Business Name into the field provided. Please use your name and department if you plan to use Bookings as an individual. It is not recommended to include “UMass Dartmouth”.
  • Click the To Bookings button.


Set Up Your Schedule

Define what hours you will be available. These can be a subset of your normal working hours.

  • Click Staff in the left column.
  • Click on your name.
  • Click to deselect the Use business hours checkbox.
  • Adjust the days and times to reflect your availability.
  • Click the Save button in the upper left.
  • If you are managing Bookings for others, return to the Staff page, and click the Add staff button at the top to add each one. Then, adjust their availability as needed.


Define Your Services

Set the type and duration options for available appointments. For example, Undergraduate Advising appointments could be 30 minutes, and Graduate Thesis Advising appointments could be a full hour.

  • Click Services in the left column.
  • There is a default Initial Consult service. Point to it and click the Edit (pencil) button that appears on the right side.
  • Add or edit information in the Service name and Description fields, and then set the Default Duration.
  • Click the Save button in the upper left.
  • Use the Add a service button at the top, and then repeat these steps for each type of appointment you plan to offer.


Publish Your Page

Students will visit a special web page to make appointments with you. Decide what your page will look like, and get the web address to share with them.

  • Click Booking Page in the left column.
  • Set your scheduling policy for Time increments for appointment start times, Minimum lead time (in hours) and Maximum lead time (in days).
  • Set your Email notifications options for yourself and your students.
  • Click the Save and publish button at the top.
  • The address for your Bookings page is displayed near the top. Add it to your email signature or your myCourses site to make it accessible to your students.
  • Appointments made through Bookings appear in your Outlook Calendar automatically. To add a Zoom meeting, open the appointment and click the Zoom button.


For an overview of Bookings, visit the Microsoft Bookings video page.

For a thorough tutorial on Bookings, visit LinkedIn Learning.

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