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The logo for the Microsoft Teams application

Microsoft Teams is a tool available to Faculty and Staff that is used for collaboration with members of your college, department, or project group. The Teams application is available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.

Teams features include:

  • Group and Private Chat
  • Video Conferencing
  • File Sharing
  • Real-Time Document Collaboration
  • More!

For an overview of what Teams can do for you, visit the Microsoft Teams page.

Teams are created by CITS Access Managment. To request a Team for your department or group, contact CITS via our online help form (login required). When you are added to a Team, you will receive an email notification. 

To install Teams, visit the Microsoft Teams Download page.

To get started, try the Teams Quick Start Guide.

For more in-depth information, visit the Microsoft Teams Video Training page.





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