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Carpool Information

Parking permits are available for purchase January 9, 2024.

Make sure to purchase your permit prior to the start of the Spring semester.  Visit the portal to purchase your Spring parking permit.


  • Reduced individual parking permit fees
  • Reduced auto maintenance costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced driving stress
  • Designated carpool spaces


  • carpool is two (2) or more employees and/or off-campus students commuting together at UMass Dartmouth. Permit holders are assigned one carpool permit to use among themselves.
  • vanpool is a group of people coming to the same workplace from the same community, riding in a van. Vanpools typically carry from seven to fifteen passengers, and operate weekdays, traveling between one or two common pick-up locations (typically a park-and-ride lot where a rider may leave his/her car, or a transit station) and the place of work. 
  • The price of the carpool/vanpool is divided between riders of the vehicle. 
  • All permit holders must pay for their share of the permit price. A carpool permit can be valid to park in lots 4 or 15. 
  • Applicants must pledge to commute to campus together most of the time.
  • Applicants will be assigned a once-a-month commuter permit at no charge to accommodate their occasional need to drive alone.
  • On days the carpool is not “ridesharing,” the car without the hangtag must obtain a 1-day parking pass through the Parking Office.
  • The preferred parking spaces will be marked “Carpool Permit Required” and are limited to vehicles displaying the appropriate carpool hangtag.

Parking locations

  • Carpool spaces for 2 or more commuters
    • Lot 4, two spaces
    • Lot 15, two spaces

Apply for a carpool permit

  1. Fill out a Parking Service Carpool Form.
    Note: All members of the carpool must complete an individual carpool form.
  2. Each member of the carpool brings the completed form and vehicle registration, license, and UMass ID to Parking Services located on the lower level of the Campus Center.
  3. Those persons having an existing university parking decal must surrender it to Parking Services prior to receiving a carpool permit.
  4. Carpool tag will be issued upon receipt payment and documents listed above.

Carpool Form  (PDF)

Pay for a carpool permit

  • $100 flat rate
  • Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card or UMass Pass at the Parking Services Office.

Earn rewards or find someone to share a ride

By signing up for NuRide, you can:

  • Earn carpool rewards.
  • Connect with other carpool drivers and riders to share a ride.

For more information, go to NuRide.

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