Electric Vehicle Charging

The main campus has 2 EV 48 AMP, 120V, 11.5KV charging stations in Lot 13, located by the access road of the Library and the Charlton College of Business.

SMAST East has 3 Clipper Creek brand EV charging pedestals and 4 charging stations. The Clipper Creek EV charging stations provide 48 amp, 240 volt 11.5 kW.


  • Parked vehicles in EV charging stations must be charging.
  • All parking rules apply such as no overnight parking.
  • There is a 4 hour maximum usage.
  • EV Parking Hang must be displayed when your vehicle is charging to avoid parking violations.

Note: Vehicle must be moved when charge is complete or when the 4 hour maximum time has been reached. If your vehicle remains in the charging space beyond this allotted time you are subject to receiving a parking violation.

Frequently asked questions

Alternate charging facilities

The system may require maintenance from time to time. While maintenance is expected to be brief, users should not rely solely on these chargers.

Town of Dartmouth charging locations:

  • Town Hall: 400 Slocum Rd.
  • Water Department: 751 Allen St.
  • Wastewater Treatment facility: 759 Russells Mills Rd.

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