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Parking Violations, Fines & Towing

Parking permits are available for purchase January 9, 2024.

Make sure to purchase your permit prior to the start of the Spring semester.  Visit the portal to purchase your Spring parking permit.

The person to whom a vehicle is registered is held fully responsible for any violation involving the vehicle, even if another person was using the vehicle at the time of the violation, as well as any tickets received on any unregistered vehicles. Any person who unlawfully tampers with or removes from a motor vehicle or unlawfully changes, mutilates, or destroys any notice affixed to such motor vehicle will have his or her privilege to operate a vehicle on campus suspended and may be subject to prosecution under the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Parking Violations Violation Amount
Fire lane $30.00
Left to curb $30.00
Illegal angle parking $30.00
Crosswalk $30.00
Sidewalk $30.00
Impeding traffic $30.00
Parking—proper decal required $30.00
Less than 10 feet for passing traffic $30.00
Bus stop $30.00
No parking area $30.00
Restricted parking area $30.00
Double parking $30.00
No parking on grass $30.00
Loading zone $30.00
Driveway $30.00
Impeding snow removal $30.00
Overnight parking $30.00
Hydrant fire lane $30.00
Not within a marked lane $30.00
More than 6 inches from curb $30.00
Handicapped $100.00

Other violations include:

  • Falsification of University registration information

Payment of fines and billing

Parking ticket fees benefit the University Scholarship Fund. For more information on the wide range of UMassD scholarship opportunities available, eligibility requirements and applications, visit the Corsair Scholarship Portal-

Fines may be paid a number of ways:

  • At the Parking Office in the Campus Center during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am–4pm.
  • Online at the following website:
  • If you have a hold on your driver's license or vehicle registration at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, these tickets will be cleared within 4 days, unless a special request is made.

Failure to pay the parking fines within 21 days of the date of the violation will result in an additional $5.00 penalty. Delinquent notices will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. After an additional 30 days, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will be notified, and an additional penalty of $20.00 will be added. This fee cannot be waived under any circumstances. The registered owner of the vehicle will be prevented from renewing their license or registration until all tickets and penalties are paid in full. These penalties must be paid to UMass Dartmouth Parking Office before you will be cleared in the registry and renew your registration or license.


All appeals must be submitted online at 

A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking only for a short time, failure to display a parking decal or not seeing the signs are unacceptable grounds for appeal. 

If you do not have access to a computer there are computers you may use at the Parking Office, Campus Center, 285 Old Westport Road, Dartmouth MA, 02747. 

To avoid added fees, submit appeals within 21 days of when the ticket was issued. Appeals are read once a day. Once a decision is rendered you will receive an email with the Parking Committee's decision.

If you would like to re-appeal the initial decision of the parking committee and request an in-person hearing, email a letter outlining the circumstances for your appeal to, and CC Grace Travassos ( 


Vehicles in violation of the following, but not limited to such violations, are subject to tow at the owner's expense:

  • Parked in such a way as to create a hazard to other traffic, blocking a roadway or gate.
  • Parked in a fire lane.
  • Parked in a service lane, except while actually engaged in loading or unloading.
  • Parked in a handicapped zone without the proper permit, or reserved designated areas.
  • Parked in a reserved or designated space.
  • If an unregistered vehicle is either operated or allowed to remain on a public way.
  • A chronic offender, with five or more unpaid parking violations, who has neglected to abide by the regulations set forth on this page.
  • Please refer to our Tow Policy for all the details 
  • If your vehicle has been towed please contact the University Police to find out which location it has been towed to. 
    • Steve's Town Motors 
      • 29 Morton Ave, Dartmouth, MA. 508-997-1675
    • Riccardo's Towing
      • 566 State Road, Dartmouth, MA. 508-203-7203
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