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Parking Services & Regulations

Parking permits are available for purchase January 9, 2024.

Make sure to purchase your permit prior to the start of the Spring semester.  Visit the portal to purchase your Spring parking permit.

The Parking Services office is managed by a civilian parking hearings officer who is charged with maintaining the records of parking violations and collecting payments from parking violators. The parking clerk schedules hearings for contested parking violations; a committee makes the final determination in such matters.

Authority and purpose

As provided by Chapter 75, Section 32A, and Chapter 75 and 90 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth, UMass Dartmouth presents the following rules and regulations to guide the parking and traffic enforcement on our campus.

These parking regulations are specific to the parking of motor vehicles at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus and lands associated with this campus by administration, faculty, staff, students, and visitors. These regulations are presented to ensure the safe and orderly movement about the campus by roadways and pedestrian walkways.

Use of University parking facilities

All persons parking vehicles on University property must obtain a parking permit in the form of a decal or other permit, or purchase a temporary parking pass to park. (The words "decal" and "permit" are used interchangeably in these regulations.) Faculty, staff, and students must park in areas designated by their respective permits or, as in the case of visitors, use designated visitor parking. All vehicles must be parked between white lines.

Vehicle registration

All parking permits issued are the property of Parking Services and cannot be transferred or conveyed to anyone other than the registered holder. Parking permits will be issued by Parking Services and cannot be sold by anyone else. All vehicles shall be required to display an issued parking permit (decal or other permit) or a temporary parking pass. Any vehicles not displaying a parking permit or a pass shall be subject to citation. Expired permits must be removed from vehicles.


Vehicles owned by the Commonwealth, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth, the United States government, foreign diplomatic corps, foreign consular or a handicapped or disabled veteran shall be exempt from parking registration.

Parking permit holder responsibilities

  • All members of the community must obtain a parking permit (decal or other permit) for each motor vehicle or motorcycle they operate on campus.
  • It is the responsibility of all individuals who operate or maintain vehicles on campus to be aware of and abide by the regulations expressed herein. The action of any individual operating a vehicle on campus is deemed to be conclusive evidence of his or her acceptance of and willingness to abide by these regulations.
  • Operation and parking of a motor vehicle on University property shall be solely at the driver's risk. The University is not responsible for any damage or loss to any vehicle.
  • The applicant and the vehicle must meet all legal requirements for operation within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the state in which the operator has permanent residency or where the vehicle is registered.

Parking regulations

  • Rain or inclement weather does not alter any of the provisions of these regulations.
  • Vehicles may be parked and/or operated on University property only in such areas as are marked by signs, street markings (between white lines), and parking regulations, or other designations indicating that parking and/or operating is permitted.
  • The following practices are specifically prohibited:
    • Double Parking
    • Parking on the left or right side of the street, facing traffic
    • Parking over a line or across the line indicating a parking space
    • Parking on lawns or landscaped areas
    • Parking in front of a driveway, gate, walkway, dumpster, stairs, or in any manner such as to block traffic or parked vehicles, roadways, or hinder the passage of pedestrians or vehicles
    • Parking in fire lanes under any circumstances
    • Parking in loading zones or areas marked "no parking"
    • Parking in areas not designated for parking
    • Parking in a zoned area for a permit other than the one displayed
    • Parking in reserved areas or handicapped spaces without the appropriate permit
    • Parking in spaces marked "visitors" by any student, faculty or staff
    • Parking next to buildings where there are no parking spaces indicated
  • It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to find an appropriate space. Lack of a space or a convenient space is not considered an excuse for violation of any parking regulation.
  • In the event of a mechanical failure:
    • The driver must call the University Police for assistance.
    • A disabled vehicle may not be left in a fire lane, and only vehicles with a handicap permit may be left in a handicap space. If the vehicle cannot be moved from the space, it will be towed at the owner's expense.
    • If the University Police Department can assist you, or if you have any questions until repairs can be made, call 508.999.8107 at any time.
  • Vehicles left in the parking lots during Christmas recess or Spring Break will be towed at the owner's expense, if snow removal is necessary. It is recommended that all vehicles be removed. Special arrangements can be made by calling the parking office in advance.

Traffic regulations

  • All criminal and motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are enforced on the campus.
  • No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon any street, roadway or parking lot on University property at a speed that is greater than reasonable and proper without due regard for pedestrian traffic, weather conditions, or the condition of such street, roadway or parking lot. At no time may you exceed the posted campus speed limits, which are 15 MPH in Cedar Dell and the Residence Halls and 25 MPH along Ring Road.
  • Pedestrians in crosswalks have the right of way. A pedestrian has the right of way once he or she has stepped onto the street from a sidewalk, curb, or side of the road.
  • Vehicles proceeding from a parking lot and entering a street, road, or main traffic lane in a parking lot shall yield to oncoming vehicles or pedestrians on such streets, roads, or main traffic lanes.
  • The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident shall report the accident to the University Police immediately.
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