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If you are using a vehicle that does not have a decal, you will need to apply in person for a temporary parking permit. This may be obtained at the Parking Office up to one week prior to the date needed; contact the office at 508.999.8121 or

All temporary permits and hangtags must hang from the rear-view mirror of the windshield when it is parked. If your temporary permit is obstructed and cannot be viewed by UMassD Police, then it is considered null and void. Your temporary permit must be removed while the vehicle is in motion.

Student temporary hangtags

Residential and commuter students who have purchased a valid decal may obtain a temporary hangtag for a maximum of 3 days. These temporary tags are restricted to Lots 4 (daytime visitors) and 6 (overnight visitors). 

Any student who has not purchased a decal, but has a special circumstance that requires them to bring a car on campus for a limited time can purchase a temporary hangtag. These tags are available for the first eleven weeks of each semester and valid in Lot 4.

  • One-day pass: $5

Overnight parking for commuters

Commuter overnight parking is in lot 6. A commuter needs to obtain an overnight hangtag at the Parking Office to avoid a ticket. Any commuter that does not have a valid commuter decal and overnight hangtag will be ticketed and responsible to pay the fine within the allotted 21 days.

Guest temporary hangtags

Students or their guests may pick up a guest temporary parking hangtag. These hangtags are only valid for lot 6 overnight. Guests who are visiting for the day will be assigned to lot 4. The student or their guest will need to present the following information:

  • The guest's name
  • Make, model, and year of the vehicle
  • Registration number and state

Temporary medical condition permits

If you have a temporary or permanent medical condition that limits your mobility, you can obtain a special parking permit, which will provide designated parking privileges for a stated period of time, depending upon your medical problem. You will need to obtain documentation about your condition from your physician. For more information, refer to:

In addition, if your medical condition is expected to last more than 90 days, you should apply to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for a temporary medical disability permit.

The UMassD Police Department adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles regarding the proper use and misuse of handicap plates and placards. For more information about handicap plates and placards and handicap veteran plates, visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles Handicap Plates and Placards Index.

Visitor/public parking

Park in visitor parking lot 4. Visitors to the campus will need to acquire a visitor tag from the Parking Services Office located in the Campus Center. This tag is to be attached to the rearview mirror.

Faculty emeritus, retirees

Faculty emeritus and retirees must obtain a permit to park on campus. Faculty emeritus and retirees should contact Parking Services at 508.999.8121 for parking decal instructions. Faculty emeritus and retirees may park in any space that is not designated as a residential or reserved parking place.


Alumni must obtain an Alumni decal to park on campus. An alumni decal may be purchased for a fee of $25 (cash only) at the Parking Office. For further information, contact the office at 508.999.8121 or

Contractors and vendors

All contractors and vendors must obtain parking permits from the Parking Services Office (508.999.8131 or and will be directed to specific locations for parking.


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