The LOOP Bus Schedule

Traveling between the main campus (Dartmouth) and the Star Store arts campus (downtown New Bedford) is easy when you ride the Loop bus.

The Loop bus runs during the academic year. There is no service during winter break, spring break, or summer.

Loop Schedule (PDF)

Flash your UMass Pass & ride FREE between the Campus Center (Dartmouth) & Star Store (downtown New Bedford)

Star Store
Campus Ctr.
Campus Ctr.
Star Store
Monday–Friday 7:25am 7:50am 8:05am 8:25am
8:35am 8:55am 9:05am 9:25am
9:35am 9:55am 10:05am 10:25am
10:35am 10:55am 11:05am 11:25am
11:35am 11:55am 12:05pm 12:25pm
12:35pm 12:55pm 1:05pm 1:25pm
1:35pm 1:55pm 2:05pm 2:25pm
2:35pm 2:55pm 3:05pm 3:25pm
3:35pm 3:55pm 4:05pm 4:25pm
4:35pm 5pm 5:05pm 5:30pm
5:35pm 5:55pm 6:05pm 6:25pm
6:35pm 6:55pm 7:05pm 7:25pm
7:35pm 7:50pm 8:05pm 8:25pm
8:35pm 8:50pm

M-Th: 9:05pm

F: 9pm

9:35pm* 9:50pm*    
  *Monday - Thursday only
Saturday 6:35pm 6:55pm 7pm 7:20pm
7:35pm 7:55pm 8pm 8:20pm
8:35pm 8:55pm 9pm 9:20pm
9:35pm 9:55pm 10pm 10:20pm
Sunday 1:35pm 1:55pm 2pm 2:20pm
2:35pm 2:55pm 3pm 3:20pm
6:35pm 6:55pm 7pm 7:20pm
7:35pm 7:55pm 8pm 8:20pm
Winter Break, Spring Break or during the summer months.
Please call Campus Services at 508.910.6440 with any questions.