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The PeopleSoft Finance system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system may be unavailable for maintenance during some weekends.

What's new?


  • TRAVEL AND EXPENSE NOTICE: The new business expense policy took effect on May 1, 2017. Within the new policy is a six month limit on expense reimbursements- i.e. all business expenses must be submitted within six months or the employee will forfeit the reimbursement. We do recognize extenuating circumstances of sabbatical/grant requirements, etc.
  • Clear browser history before logging into 9.1 and UMass BuyWays.

What's New: More Info

  • UMass BuyWays is an eProcurement tool selected by the President's Office to accommodate all purchases in a user-friendly environment.
  • Navigate to BuyWays by logging into the Portal (my.umassd.edu). Select PeopleSoft Finance from the Quicklaunch menu. Select UMass BuyWays on the right-hand menu of the Finance page.
  • Select UMass BuyWays from the left menu to access the BuyWays web site, including job aids, newsletters and more.
  • Navigating the BuyWays Homepage .
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