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Statement on Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth affirms its strong support and deep commitment to the continued development and maintenance of an academic community in which the individual dignity and potential of each of its members are given full respect, recognition, and encouragement. Our goal is an institution in which all may study, live, and work securely and productively in an atmosphere characterized by civility and openness to pursuit of academic excellence in the finest tradition of academia.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is opposed to and condemns racism. Acts of harassment, intimidation, or invasion of privacy which interfere with the rights of an individual or group to participate in the activities of the academic community shall be considered to be in violation of this policy and may be dealt with appropriately under applicable University codes and as regulated by statute.

We recognize the affirmative obligation of the University to foster a diverse and integrated learning environment. To this end, the University has a responsibility to vigorously pursue efforts to attract minorities, women, and members of other historically disadvantaged groups as students, faculty members, and staff in sufficient numbers to alleviate isolation and to ensure real integration and diversity in academic life. We recognize our obligation to nurture community-wide appreciation of cultural diversity and will dedicate appropriate resources to meet this commitment on an on-going basis.