Chase Reardon '20: Finance major and intern

Chase Reardon, a rising junior at UMassD's Charlton College of Business, has been selected for the Commonwealth Financial Network's highly competitive Summer 2018 Internship Program.

Chase Reardon, finance major
UMassD business student Chase Reardon.
  • College: Charlton College of Business
  • Major: Finance
  • Graduation year: 2020
  • Hometown and State: Ashland, MA
  • Internship: Commonwealth Financial Network

I am a rising junior studying finance at the Charlton College of Business. Because my goal is to become a financial planner/advisor, I knew landing a field-related internship during my junior year could help me on my career path.

Taking steps toward career planning

I held a previous job at a bank where I networked with many business professionals. While there, multiple financial advisors referred me to Commonwealth Financial Network, and said that a top-notch financial services firm could use a career-driven young business professional like me.

I applied for and gained a highly competitive internship. I am among the 22 interns selected for the Commonwealth’s Summer 2018 Internship Program out of 530 applicants. As part of the Technology Training team within the Technology Department, I develop and update training materials for financial advisors. I am also responsible for organizing databases of training information.

Chase Reardon, finance major
Chase is one of more than 500 applicants selected for the Commonwealth Financial Network's Summer 2018 Internship Program.

Gaining knowledge and practical experience

As part of my role, I have learned how important financial advisors are to the economy and their clients. I am also learning how to use multiple internal and external databases.

Benefiting from professional networking

I am networking with many people in my field of interest and learning how to present projects that I work on for upper management. This internship also increases my career opportunities because Commonwealth Financial Network has an outstanding reputation in the financial services world, which I can leverage. The firm has been recognized 38 times (and running) as best place to work by The Boston Globe, and as one of the best places to work for millennials.

Balancing academics with employment

To complement my career goals, I have completed classes in estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, and many other business courses. Accounting was my favorite class. During my sophomore year, Professor Jacobsen gave me the tools and resources to grow and strengthen my knowledge in the area of accounting, and I am very thankful to have him as a professor and mentor.

I am also currently employed at the UMassD housing residential and education department and really appreciate the knowledge and experience that I have gained here. I would like to personally thank everyone in the housing office (Brad Rohrer, Emily Alves, Lucinda Poudrier-Aaronson) for helping me along my journey at UMassD.

Preparing for the future

I plan to earn my Certified Financial Planner certification with the goal of becoming a financial planner/advisor.

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