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Aspire to be the university of choice by establishing an environment of civility and respect, while building a culturally competent community reflective of the diversity of thought, experiences and talents of the faculty, staff and students at UMASS Dartmouth.

An optimal learning and working environment will be realized by aligning diversity and inclusion goals to our strategic priorities, through effective employee engagement and demonstration of organizational agility.


Our goal is to build a culturally competent community through:   

  • Leadership participation that demonstrates understanding and commitment to being champions of cultural competency;
  • Diversity education that communicates/validates the importance of valuing differences and respect of other cultures through professional development programming customized for the intended audience;
  • Employee engagement that assesses, evaluates, and hears the voice of all, and responds to the identified faculty and staff needs as it relates to diversity and inclusion;
  • Constituency groups of employees linked by a shared purpose/interest to foster an inclusive, engaged and empowered  environment, and  to create a formal platform to further advance specific diversity initiatives;
  • Cross cultural collaboration with various multicultural student groups, faculty development, and student government to ensure alignment  with diversity initiatives; 
  • Aligning and partnering with local, regional and national organizations by sponsoring events and programs, as well as  participating in the community’s efforts to drive positive culture change;
  • Compliance and investigations that leverage a comprehensive approach that is sound, unbiased and in conformity with university policy as well as state and federal law (ADA, Title VII, ADEA, etc.);
  • Annual self-assessments and external benchmarking that measure effectiveness and afford opportunity for local and national recognition.

Mailing address:

Diversity & Inclusion
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Administration Building
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA  02747


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