Hollywood Writer Returns For Umass Dartmouth Writing Seminar

TV Writer Neal Boushell returns to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus to teach his 'Sitcom Writing Seminar' on July 26-27, 2002.


TV Writer Neal Boushell returns to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus to teach his “Sitcom Writing Seminar” on July 26-27, 2002. The two-day seminar covers the nuts and bolts of Hollywood sitcom writing and will cover such topics as how networks find writers, writing a “spec” script, breaking into the business and finding an agent. 

NEAL BOUSHELL, a UMass Amherst alumnus, whose TV writing credits include FOX’s long running animated series THE SIMPSONS, Howard Stern’s SON OF THE BEACH, The WB’s SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH, as well as BROTHER’S KEEPER, THE PRESTON EPISODES and BABY BLUES runs the seminar like an actual Hollywood “Writers’ Room” with everyone seated around a large conference table. 

“The response from the February UMass seminar was terrific. We broke a couple of scenes together as if we were working on a TV show. And everyone participated by pitching story ideas and jokes. We had a lot of laughs.” Boushell says, “I think they felt like they got an authentic Hollywood experience, minus the backstabbing.” 

Boushell, who arrived in Hollywood twelve years ago knowing no one, worked many part-time jobs before landing his first writing job in 1995 on FOX’s THE PRESTON EPISODES. “Sharing my experiences with local writers and exposing them to the ‘ins and outs’ of the sitcom writing business was very rewarding. Especially since the knowledge they get in this class can give them a real leg-up in Hollywood. And maybe someday they’ll be hiring me on their own show.“ 

Boushell says, “This is a great opportunity for an aspiring writer to see if this is something that he or she wants to do. And it’s a lot cheaper than moving to Hollywood.” 

The July 26-27 seminar is offered through the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Division of Continuing Education and is open to anyone interested; however, since the class is limited to fifteen students it is expected to fill up quickly. For more information on the course, people are asked to call the UMass Continuing Education Office at (508) 999-8071. 

Neal Boushell, a member of the Writers Guild of America, lives in Los Angeles and has worked as a TV writer for seven years. His episode of Howard Stern’s SON OF THE BEACH airs August 6 on F/X. And his episode of THE SIMPSONS airs this fall on FOX.

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