Q & A with Dean Eric Mitnick

As part of the Oklahoma Legal Group's series on law school deans, Dean Eric Mitnick described his views on the changing landscape of legal education and practice.

Eric Mitnick, UMass Law Dean

Changing landscape of legal education

Dean Eric Mitnick recently spoke with the Oklahoma Legal Group as part of its series on law school deans. In the interview, he describes his views on the changing landscape of legal education and practice.

Predicting an expansion in areas related communications and technology, Dean Mitnick described the impact he thinks technology will have on criminal defense.

Expansion of technology use

“Technology has dramatically increased the amount of evidence available, including things like DNA information, the ubiquity of video surveillance, cell phone and GPS data, and electronic roadway tolling,” he said.

He also noted how technology has played a change in law education since he was a student.

“Technology has facilitated changes in the classroom experience, altering presentation methods and connecting people across large distances,” he said.

Greater emphasis on experiential learning

Dean Mitnick also described the difference in faculty accessibility and experiential learning. “When I was in law school, I spoke with a professor outside of class just once, and that was once more than most of my classmates,” he said. “There is much greater emphasis on experiential learning, and not just in clinics but throughout the curriculum.”

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