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A seamless, less-complicated parking experience

Using information obtained through surveys, sessions with students, and recommendations by a parking consultant, we’ve developed a parking plan that will improve the parking experience for the campus community. The new parking plan will address parking challenges that the campus has experienced since the closure of Lots 7 and 8.

License Plate Reader (LPR) technology

We're introducing a new License Plate Reader (LPR) parking system, and doing away with sticker decals. Your "decal" is now your license plate. Instead of purchasing a decal, you'll register your license plate based on your designation (such as commuter or residence hall assignment). Registration is simple: log into the parking portal and purchase a digital "decal," transfer it to another car, register a guest, pay or appeal a ticket.

Free up your windshield, free up your spot

The LPR system eliminates the need for physical decals. LPR will ensure you'll have a parking spot.

  • What: The LPR is a vehicle-mounted camera with infrared technology that takes an image of the front or rear license plates to quickly process virtual decal and vehicle registration information.
  • How: Instead of manually checking each parked car, Parking Enforcement will use the system to more efficiently monitor parking across campus.
  • When: LPR will be implemented for fall 2020.
  • Why: Currently, Parking Enforcement is only able to inspect a small percentage of spots manually per day. LPR is being implemented to reduce the amount of mis-registered or non-registered vehicles across campus. This means that enforcement will be fair and equitable across campus.

LPR benefits

  • Students will be better able to park in the areas they've paid for.
  • Enforcement of parking will be more fair, equitable, and consistent.
  • Vehicles parked in spots without the right registration will be more effectively enforced than before, freeing up the spots that students are paying for.
  • Parking will be easier to manage for the individual, because switching registration between cars and registering guests will be easier than ever.
  • Flexible options will be available by the month, semester, or long-term.

Flexible payment & parking plan options

One-stop flexible parking portal: view decal options, register guests, purchase your decal, switch registrations between vehicles, pay parking tickets and view appeals. Portal will open in July 2020.

Students will be able to buy plans by the month or the semester, instead of paying full price up-front for a year-long plan. For students looking for inexpensive ways to keep their cars on campus, discounted plans will be offered for a satellite lot (Lot C).

A long-term plan will be available as a less costly alternative for those who need less frequent access to their vehicles.

Improvements to on-campus shuttle routes

Shuttle schedule and routes are being changed to offer more reliable, faster express service from East Campus and Cedar Dell. Routes have been reworked to provide more consistent service from high-traffic areas: 2 express shuttles, 1 half loop.

Trip times will be cut in half with the new schedule, resulting in more shuttles available to you throughout the day and night when you really need them.

Download BusWhere to track all shuttles, up to the minute.

  1. Visit and sign up with your UMassD email.
  2. BusWhere will send you a confirmation email. Follow the link to register.
  3. Download "Buswhere for UMassD" in your phone's App Store.
  4. Log in to BusWhere using your UMassD email.

More parking spaces

There are plans to build new parking lots in the next few years, but we've created short-term solutions to improve parking on campus now:

  • Restoring parking along East Campus Road one-way (approximately 80 spaces)
  • Moving equipment from Lot C (approximately 150 spaces)
  • Re-lining select lots to add parking spaces and additional handicap spaces
  • Re-designating Lot 14 as a student lot, with no Admissions or faculty-only spaces

Looking ahead: fall 2020

First-year students will remain parking in Lots A, B and C.

For students who are waiting for funds to be available, or who can't immediately afford a parking plan, free parking will be available for the first 3 weeks of the fall semester in Lot C.

Parking Ambassadors will be stationed in lots for the start of the semester, to advise students where they can and can't park.


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