English degree was steppingstone into tech industry for Amanda Phillips

English alumna learned that her English degree was so versatile that she could do anything, even work in the tech industry.

I chose to go to UMass Dartmouth because they had a bioengineering program. I ended up switching at the end of my sophomore year to an English writing, rhetoric, and communications degree because writing has been my passion since I was probably ten years old.

The English professors pushed that you have to be very aware of your audience, different opinions, and all the different people you’ll be writing to. I think that really helped.

Since I’m a technical writer, I write documentation for both developers who are super, super technical, and I also write for people who are using the application and don’t understand developer speak.

And with an English degree I was able to get into this big IT company. As long as you can communicate with a range of audiences and are willing to learn, you can do anything as an English major.

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