Elizabeth Cross '17 earns prestigious internship at Yale University

For 12 weeks this summer, Biology student Elizabeth Cross '17 researched with a team of doctors in the Nephrology Department at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT.

I really want to be a pediatric surgeon. Growing up, I always liked things that were challenging. Looking at the Biology program at UMass Dartmouth, looking at the different classes you had to take—cell biology, molecular biology, biology of populations—it was just so diverse. 

The professors are very caring and understanding, and you can build relationships with them. I took Calculus with Professor Soden; he wrote a reference for me to get into the Yale internship, which was incredible. 

I had done research in the lab at UMass Dartmouth and I thought it would be so complex moving to Yale Medical School and doing research there. But when I got there, I had understood what I was doing because I had done it here. 

I never thought that coming to UMass Dartmouth would open so many doors for me, that it would help me get into medical school.

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