Jenyka Gassnola '17: Ready to take on the world

Jenyka Gassnola, a Crime and Justice Studies major, shares her success and internship experience in Washington, D.C.

The crime and justice studies field has this big CSI effect. So when I tell people I’m a crime and justice major, they say, ‘oh so you learn about blood splatter and all these cool detective things?’

UMass Dartmouth believes in its students. The professors here really encourage and engage in academic conversations and they will go to any length to help you get to where you need to be.

I interned with a non-profit organization called Together We Bake. It’s a comprehensive workforce program for women who are just coming out of jail or prison and are trying to get reestablished.

When I was put in those situations because of the tools I’ve learned here through my major, I was able to handle them properly. It was this innate thing that I was just able to do and snap right into.

I never thought in a million years that I would come here and go to Washington D.C., do all these great things on campus, and be involved with all these amazing groups.

UMass Dartmouth definitely gave me the tools to be able to go out and rock the world.

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