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Keep it short and sweet! Avoid using more than 3 mentions or hashtags in a single post. Always include a photo or link to a resource or article you so your viewers have a call-to-action. Tweets without a visual get drastically less engagement because they visually take up less space on the platform. Aim for 1-2 native retweets per day for an active content calendar.

Pro tip: When a Twitter handle is the beginning of a tweet, the tweet is hidden under ‘Tweets & replies’ on your profile. Because Twitter thinks it’s part of a conversation, the tweet will only be pushed to users who follow both your account and the account you’re mentioning.

Either incorporate the handle later in the tweet or put a period before the handle.

Example: .@UMassD students have contributed more than 100,000 hours of community service, valued at nearly $3 million. #ProudtobeUMassD

Users like to scan posts quickly. The ideal length of a Facebook post is only 40-80 characters.

Include any relevant mentions, as long as the account is active and the names of the mentioned accounts aren’t so long as to be cumbersome.

Don't forget to include a relevant photo or video in each post, unless the link preview already pulls an image in.

A fan-favorite for our student community! When posting on Instagram, make sure to choose visually engaging photos, video clips or creative, branded designs to share information.

Set a goal of posting to your feed 2-3 times per week. You can post a range of 1-10 photos at a time, or consider creating an Instagram Reel! This type of content is prioritized in your user's feed meaning they are more likely to see a reel vs. a single photo/graphic post.

For posting live, in-the-moment content, IG stories is the way to go. Don't forget to tag campus or community partners so they can re-share your post!

Check out @umassd for inspiration. Plan ahead and make sure to find balance in your content so when users come across your page they see all your department has to offer.

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