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University identification

For account names, posts, and hashtags, use:

  • UMassD
  • UMass Dartmouth
  • UMass Law

The formal, full names of the university and the law school are not necessary for social media.

Never use UMD or UML. Several other schools use these identifications. Use the proper university identification to reinforce our brand, as well as to keep search results within the UMassD community.

Tip: Tag @UMassD in your posts. You'll be using the correct university identification, and your post will be seen by the university's social media team.

Tagging accounts

It's more engaging to make the tag part of the post instead of adding it to the end.

Example: Discover the research @UMassDCAS professors are conducting in the lab.

Not: Discover the research our professors are conducting in the lab. @UMassDCAS

Accounts should never tag themselves in a post. It's considered bad social media etiquette, and it's not neccessary—your posts will already include your username, which links to your account.

Instead, take the opportunity to use a hashtag.

Example: UMassD posting "Excited to welcome the new #UMassD students at Convocation."


Use a link shortener like Bitly or

Always include copy that provides context for the link you're posting. Posting only a link won't compel your users to click on it, and there's also a chance the platform's algorithms could mark your post as spam.

Punctuation & spelling

Exclamation points should be used sparingly.

Don't use 4 in place of "for" or 2 in place of "to/too".


Avoid using acronyms or textspeak that your audience may not understand.

Example: tmlt, hbu

Dates & times

For times, use am and pm (lowercase, no space, no periods).

Example: 3pm, 10am

Write out full words for days of the week, and use dates to save space or reference future dates. Months can also be abbreviated for space.

Examples: Monday, 5/23, Jan.

Official UMassD hashtags


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