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Formatting text

  • Align your text along the left margin
  • Break up your content into brief chunks
  • Use headings to indicate topics
  • Begin headings with H2; use H3, boldface to divide the topic further, as needed
  • Use bulleted lists for a series of 2 or more items

Never use:

  • Underlined text
  • Centered text
  • Colored text
  • All uppercase text
  • H1 headings


  • Use spell check before you save or approve
  • When you add words to your dictionary, be sure they are correctly spelled


  • Ensure that all links work (check preview and the published page)
  • Link text should explain the link ("Life on campus")
  • Do not use "click here" or a URL for link text
  • Select "new window" for external links

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