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Adding images

Select a section to edit. Click the Content tab and then the content piece. Use the blue Select media button. You are brought to the Media Library Select Media page.

Select Media

This is the image caption.

Navigate to the media asset. Click on the Name or Preview image. Select the correct variant. The image is loaded and automatically positioned and aligned.

Using the Image Caption field, add an image caption that will display below the image.

To add another image, use the Main Content add on Content type. Repeat the process to add images to the new section. This can be repeated as needed.

Adding a PDF

PDF files cannot be displayed in a web page and thus are treated differently by the Media Library. When adding a PDF, a link to the PDF file is generated and added to section. When published, the link on the page will point to the PDF. Depending on your browser, the PDF will open in a new browser window or download to the user's hard drive.

To add a PDF, place the cursor where you want the link text to appear. Use the Insert from Media link in the T4 editor.

Insert from media

You are brought to the Select media window. Under Media Categories, use the + to expand Categorised and then UMassDartmouth. Navigate to a PDF. Click the Name or Preview image. The PDF link text is added to the T4 section. Here is an example:

Test PDF

Like any asset in the Media Library, if deleted it will not be available for use in any section.

Tip: Double-click on the PDF link text to open the Set Media Attributes window. Enter the new link text. This will change the link text on the page and the asset Name in the Media Library.


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