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This section refers to uploading documents only. DO NOT add images into the html editor. This can cause formatting issues on the live site. To learn more about adding images to your webpage, visit our section on adding media to the Media Library.


You can filter items in the Media Library. Select the folder where the PDF has been placed. In the top right of the selected folder is a Filter box. Type a word from the Name of the PDF. If you still don't see your file, you may need to click to another folder to search there.

PDF files are documents, not images, and are linked to a webpage. When published, the link on the page will point to the PDF. Depending on your browser, the PDF will open in a new browser window or download to the user's hard drive.

  1. Place the cursor where the link should appear
  2. Click Insert from Media – this is the icon that looks like the picture.
Insert media

Although the icon is a picture, DO NOT use this button to upload images.  It is ONLY for adding documents.

  1. Navigate to folder in the Media Library where you file is located and click the name of the folder to select itYou can click the plus (+) to expand the folder.  Some of the folders are large, so you may need to scroll back up to see their contents.
Search the media library for your folder

In this image, the name of the PDF is called “Bristol RN-BSN-Articulation Agreement”.

  1. The document link will be the Name of the PDF in the Media Library.  This is what will show up on your webpage.
Selecting a document

You can easily change the name of your file to have it appear on your webpage however you'd like.

  1. To change the name of the document on your page, double click on the link and type a new name in the tiny box.
Setting a New Name

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