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Access levels

Contributor is is the lowest access level reserved for staff who only need to modify existing content or add more content to existing pages. Contributors rely on the Moderators to approve their content and create sections when needed. Moderators are responsible for their Contributors. Student workers can receive a maximum level of Contributor unless they work under the direct supervision of the web team in University Marketing.

Contributors and all T4 users

  • edit text
  • add links
  • add images
  • add PDF files
  • access to the most commonly used content types


  • add new pages
  • delete pages
  • approve pages for publication
  • set output URIs
  • access to more advanced content types
  • can publish now

Power users

  • access to more advanced content types


  • Set a path as an output URI
  • access to user management
  • access to all sections, media, and content types
  • packages: media archive minimum user level
  • create t4 assets: content types, navigation objects, page layouts, lists
  • run asset usage reports
  • import data from external sources