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Policy Template

All university policies are maintained using the Policy Template in T4. This template is composed of:

  • Policy Title*
  • Policy Number*
  • Responsible Office/Person*
  • Effective Date*
  • Revised Date
  • Document Link
  • External Document Link
  • Related Policies
  • Add History
  • Add References
  • Policy Content

*Required fields

Editing an existing policy

In cases where you need to update the document, you will need to enter in the revised date.

Updating Policy

When updating a policy, you will edit the existing page in T4. 
  1. Find/access the content in T4. 
  2. Change the Revised Date using the date element
  3. You will upload the new document using the Select Media button in the Document Link or update Policy Content.
  4. Save and approve.

The policy page sections created in T4 will generate the policy list. Example

Adding a policy

All policies are created using the Policy Template content type. Active policies live in one of the sections found in the Example of a policy list page.

  1. Create a section for the new policy in the appropriate location
  2. After naming the the section for the new policy, go to the Content Tab. 
  3. In the content tab click + Add content and the Policy Template should pop up automatically.

A link to the policy will be auto-generated on its respective policy list page. Active Policy List

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