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Minimum user level: Moderator

A minimum user level of Moderator is required for some of this functionality due to its potential for severe impact to the website.

Read more about T4 access levels.

T4 refers to webpages as sections. These sections are are organized in the site structure much like a computer's folder system. You’ll notice once you’ve logged into T4, located at the top of your browser window is an icon that looks like a tree. This button stays on the header of your browser while working on T4 so you can access the site structure at any time.

site-structure tree

The site structure tree serves as a bookmark to easily get back to the site structure while working in T4.

Clicking the tree will bring you to the main folder organization of the site. These folders are called sections. Each of these sections indicates a webpage on the university’s site.


Clicking on the plus (+) sign of a section will expand it to show the underlying (child) sections. A section along with its accompanying sections below it is called a branch.

To edit a section, simply click the name of that section.

For more in-depth documentation on the site structure and its various icons and color designations, go to T4’s documentation.

Adding Sections

There are two (2) ways to add sections to your webpage. Choose the best method for your preferred workflow.

  1. Use the blue Action menu of the corresponding parent section and select Create section.
Creating sections from the site structure

Use the blue Action button associated with the section where you would like to create pages.

  1. Give the new section a name, and make sure you click “Show in navigation”. If this box is not checked off, it will not show up in your menu on the left side of your screen on your published page.

    Additionally, a section will not be published on your site or be visible on the left menu until it has content within it.
Left menu

Decide whether or not you want your section to be visible in the left navigation menu.

  1. This newly created page now will show up at the bottom of your section in your site structure.
New page in the site structure
  1. You've created a new page!
  1. Log in to the page via Direct Edit. In the left menu, select the plus (+) sign.
Creating a section from direct edit
  1. The Create new page window appears. Provide a page name and click the green + Create page button.
New page button from direct edit
  1. The new page shows at the bottom of the list in the Direct Edit site structure tree.

**NOTE: section will not be published on your site or be visible on the left menu until it has content within it.

New page in direct edit site structure

Before your section is published

Be sure that your new section is "Approved" when you are ready for your content to publish. If you leave your section status to "Pending", your approved content inside will not publish.

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