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The T4 Media Library

All images and PDFs are stored in a separate part of T4 called the Media Library. The Media Library allows images to be shared by multiple users. If an image is replaced (or removed) at any point, all instances of the image are automatically updated (or removed) across the site.

Access the Media Library

Log in to T4. Select Content >Media library. You are presented with the Media Library. Click the + to expand Categorized and again to expand UMass Dartmouth. Do not add media to the top level. Navigate to your Media Library and click on the Name or Preview. Media library items load in a list at the top of the page. If necessary, use the browser scroll-bar or keyboard up arrow to return to the top of the page.

Add an asset to the Media Library

Select the green Add media button. The Media details screen opens.

Drag and drop a file or click the Media file form field to choose a file. The Media type, Syntax highlighting language fields and the Language dependence radio button populate automatically. Supply a Name and Description. Click the blue Save changes button. The asset is added to the Media Library and can now be added to a T4 section.

Media details

File information

After an item is added, the Media Library provides additional file data. Column headings can be used to sort or order the list.

Media library actions

Use the blue Actions menu to Edit a file, Move a file to another library, select Variants, Download the file, or Delete an item from the Media Library. When deleted, the media file becomes Inactive and will be purged from the system. This will remove the image from all any page on which it is used. Purges take place daily at 5pm and are permanent. Purged files cannot be recovered.



Media Details

After a medi item is added, more details become available.

Media Details

The General tab provides information and allows for an overwrite with another file. Variants allows for variant creation or selection. History shows each version of the asset. Usage reveals where the media is used.

After adding an image to the Media Library, you can now add the image to a T4 section.

 Tip: Move your mouse over the form fields to reveal helpful Tool Tip text.


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