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COVID-19 Vaccine & Booster Info

UMass Dartmouth requires COVID-19 vaccinations and vaccination boosters for faculty, staff, and all students who wish to live, learn, or physically come to campus.

UMass Dartmouth is excited to have all students, faculty, and staff on campus. As always, the University will continue to follow safety guidelines and monitor and adjust to evolving public health conditions. The Pandemic Emergency Response Team (PERT) as a collaborative effort of students, faculty, staff and administrators to help the University address the immediate needs of the community and maintain the continuity of its critical mission of education. PERT has been configured into ten planning groups that span the workings of every area of campus and will bring multiple forms of expertise and skills that help our campus operate safely. Each group has contributed from their specific area which was used to create UMass Dartmouth’s official plans.

Launch the UMass Dartmouth Spring 2022 Semester Plan

UMass Dartmouth’s planning has been guided by four key principles:

  1. Protect the health and safety of students, faculty, staff and people in surrounding communities.
  2. Enable students to continue progress towards their educational goals.
  3. Contribute to research and innovation.
  4. Minimize adverse economic impact on families, employees and the Massachusetts economy.

Pandemic Emergency Response Team (PERT)


  • Ramprasad Balasubramanian, Interim Provost
  • Debra Majewski, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Organizational Behavior
  • Jacob A. Kress, GSS President
  • Jasmine Jenkins, President SGA

Health and Safety Advisors

  • Marianne Sullivan, Director of Health Services
  • Erin Bromage, Associate Professor of Biology

Faculty Governance Advisors 

  • Douglas Roscoe, Faculty Senate President 
  • Grant O’Rielly, Faculty Federation President

PERT planning groups:

  • Robert Jones (Provost) - Chair
  • Kim Christopher (CNHS) 
  • Lawrence Jenkins (CVPA) 
  • Raymond Laoulache (COE)
  • Holger Dippel (CITS) 
  • Joe Raposa (Asst Dir of Facilities) 
  • Jeffrey Louro (Facilities) 
  • Sue Amatrudo (Finance) 
  • Audra Callahan (Registrar) 
  • Craig Elkins (College NOW) 
  • Wayne LeBlanc (MLS) 
  • Erin Bromage (BIO) 
  • Anna Dempsey (ARH) 
  • Robert Fisher (PHY)  
  • Karen Gulbrandsen (ENL)
  • Kellyann Kowalski (MKT) 
  • Hilary Kraus (LIB) 
  • Jasmine Jenkins (SGA President)
  • Jacob Kress (GSS)
  • Suryateja Kothagattu (GSS)
  • Sigal Gottlieb (VCR)- Chair
  • Pauline Entin (CAS) 
  • Michael Marino (SMAST)
  • Karen Barnett (CNHS) 
  • Andrew Karberg (Compliance) 
  • Vijay Chalivendra (COE)
  • Annemarie Curry (Finance) 
  • Andrew Darling (CITS) 
  • Joy Miller (CVPA) 
  • Shingo Furukawa (SStore) 
  • Pia Moisander (BIO) 
  • John Buck (ECE) 
  • Maria Dolce (NUR) 
  • Mark Altabet (SMAST) 
  • Kristen Sethares (NUR) 
  • Kim R Sawicki (GSS)
  • Marilyn Naeem (GSS)
  • Shannon Jenkins (CAS) - Chair
  • Tracey Russo (CITS) 
  • Ben Bauman (Registrar) 
  • Christina Bowen (Facil) 
  • Jillian George (Finance) 
  • Daniel Pirbudagov (Intl Ed) 
  • Sokratis Koumas (ARC) 
  • Sean Spencer (Law) 
  • Chan Du (CCB) 
  • Frank Scarano (MLS) 
  • Mark Silby (BIO) 
  • Jay Zysk (ENL) 
  • Sarah Cosgrove (ECO) 
  • Heather Turcotte (CJS) 
  • Steve White (CCB) 
  • Loknadh Pidaparthi (GSS)
  • Thomas J Monahan (GSS)
  • Tesfay Meressi (Provost)- Chair
  • Eric Mitnick (LAW) 
  • June Horowitz (CNHS) 
  • Thomas Stubblefield (CVPA) 
  • Shaknhoza Kayumova (EDU) 
  • Maolin Guo (CHM) 
  • Anna Klobucka (POR) 
  • Yanlai Chen (MTH) 
  • Taylor N McHugh (GSS)
  • DurgaMalleswaraRao Bhugatha (GSS)
  • Jeff Martin (Facilities)- Chair
  • Dawn Gross (LIB) 
  • Doreen Arruda (Facil) 
  • Manny Luis (Supervisor of Janitors) 
  • Mike LaGrassa (AVC Admin Svcs) 
  • Amy Pacheco (Safety) 
  • Jessica Fernandes Gomes (SStore) 
  • Suzanne Audet (Finance) 
  • Suvindra Govindraj (CITS) 
  • Andrew Revell (PSY) 
  • Soheil Sibdari (MIS) 
  • Zhaojin Xu (ACT) 
  • Efe Oboh-Idahosa (SGA corresponding secretary)
  • Tashi C Lama (GSS)
  • Michael LaGrassa (AVC) - Chair
  • Amy Shapiro (CAS)  
  • Sue Amatrudo (Finance) 
  • Peggy Dias (CITS) 
  • Michelle Pezzulli (Bursar)
  • Sharon Fusco (Print Superv)
  • Kate Buck (Store Manager)
  • Michael Sullivan (Recving) 
  • Grant O’Rielly (PHY) 
  • Jasmine Jenkins (SGA President)
  • Tashi C Lama (GSS)
  • Kimberly Scott (VCSA) - Chair
  • Kevin Curow (CAS) 
  • Jeffrey Louro (Dir of Facil) 
  • Lucinda Poudrier (Housing) 
  • Brad Rohrer (HRE) 
  • William Mitchell (Adv Svcs) 
  • John Moore (Facil) 
  • Mark Dias (Finance) 
  • Doug Roscoe (PSC) 
  • Kristen Hanna (SGA senator)
  • Kimberly Scott (VCSA) - Chair
  • Jann Stahl (Adv Svcs) 
  • Joseph Raposa (Facil) 
  • Jennifer Viveiros (NUR) 
  • Kenneth Manning (PSC) 
  • Narcisse Kunda (Std Trustee)
  • Marilyn Naeem (GSS)
  • Shelly Scott (Student Affairs) - Chair
  • Carol Spencer (AVC Student Success) 
  • Monica Godinho (STAR CTR) 
  • Suzanne Melloni (Advising) 
  • Annemarie Curry (Finance) 
  • David Manke (CHM) 
  • Students
  • Dean Hickey (Advancement) - Chair
  • Amanda Van Voorhis (Athletics) 
  • Robin Brow (Pub Affairs) 
  • Chris Laib (SAIL) 
  • Damon Gomes (Police) 
  • Moise Saint Louis  (FDUH) 
  • Mike LaGrassa (AVC Adm Svcs) 
  • Manny Luis (Supervisor of Janitors) 
  • Annemarie Curry (Finance) 
  • Greg Paciulan (CITS) 
  • Sapna Piracha (Admissions) 
  • Brian Ayotte (PSY) 
  • Laura Forker (MIS) 
  • Kristen Hanna (SGA Senator)
  • Loknadh Pidaparthi (GSS)
  • Jacob Kress (GSS)

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