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The UMass Dartmouth ASME is a completely student-run non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving the students of UMD and the surrounding community. We are dedicated to providing an atmosphere that promotes teamwork and service to the community. Presenting students with educational opportunities that will enhance their skills is a major component of our success.

From new freshman students to experienced engineering professionals, the Umass Dartmouth ASME members represent every class level on campus. The ASME members are ultimately responsible for the success of the organization. The only limit to the benefits a member receives is the amount effort they are willing to put forth in order to succeed. Holding office as a society member, managing a project group, leading an orientation session, or providing technical training are just some of the leadership opportunities available to student members within the organization.

The team provides its members the opportunity to learn valuable skills in:

  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Business Organization
  • Leadership
  • Practical Application of Engineering Skills
  • Project Management
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Machining
  • Welding (MIG, TIG)
  • Prototype Design
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Engine Performance
  • Transmissions