Mini Baja

Design Basis

As defined on the SAE Mini Baja Website: It is the goal of each team to design, fund, and fabricate a prototype of a four-wheel, single seat, off-road vehicle intended for sale to a non-professional off-road enthusiast for weekend recreational purposes. Teams compete to have their design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. The vehicle must be safe to operate, easy to maintain and be able to navigate rough terrain reliably without damage to the vehicle. The ultimate production goal is a volume of 4000 units per year with a manufacturing cost not to exceed $3,000 (overhead, material, tooling and labor costs are all factors.)

UMD Performance

The team's primary goal is to rise to national prominence by consistently placing in the top rankings for each event and the overall competition. The team, attempting to place in the top ten, is searching for company sponsorship in order to become more competitive. The team believes the key to success is a well-established and maintained partnership with sponsors.