Video 2016: Charlton College of Business Video

Video 2016: Charlton College of Business Video
Charlton College of Business Video

Enter the Charlton College of Business at UMass Dartmouth and realize your aspirations.

When you walk through the doors you sense it. There’s an energy. An enthusiasm. There’s excitement as students and faculty work together on projects that can make a difference.

You’ve entered the Charlton College of Business at UMass Dartmouth.

It is a place where undergraduates and graduate students mingle in the halls and exchange ideas. They participate in clubs and organizations where they meet new friends and learn to become leaders.

It is a place where the faculty integrate their academic expertise and professional experiences so that students learn the theory and the application. Lively discussions encourage students to question, to listen, and to find their own solutions.

This is a place of learning.

AACSB accreditation assures the finest business education

The AACSB has awarded its gold standard of accreditation to the Charlton College of Business. It is a distinction given only to the most prestigious business schools, and it assures that you are earning the finest business education.

Undergraduates select from an array of majors and minors—and opportunities abound to create a unique experience. Our rigorous curriculum, dynamic internships, outstanding research opportunities, and life-changing study abroad experiences are designed to help our students become successful professionals.

For those college graduates already in the work world, Charlton degrees like the MBA, the master’s in Healthcare Management, or the master’s in Accounting provide the cutting-edge knowledge and skill sets to advance your career.

Just as businesses constantly evolve, so does Charlton. We understand that people need flexibility. That’s why we offer both the traditional classroom experience as well as online education for undergraduates and graduate students. 

Earle P. Charlton's legacy of business success

Both Charlton College and the Learning Pavilion are enduring testaments to renowned businessman, Earle P. Charlton, the founder of a national chain of retail stores, Woolworth’s. Charlton was a visionary, and his legacy is well represented by the state-of-the-art Charlton Learning Pavilion. Here, faculty and students interact in thoughtfully designed spaces that encourage new styles of learning and a team approach to success.

Our alumni reflect the opportunities that await hard working Charlton graduates. Among them you’ll find senior vice presidents of multi-national corporations, accountants at big four accounting firms, entrepreneurs and administrators who have launched their careers from the rock-solid foundation of a Charlton education.

At Charlton, we understand that being successful in business is more than being good at accounting, marketing, or finance. It is the ability to communicate clearly. It is the ability to work with and build a team. It is the ability to question the how and why, and then come up with a creative new solution. We will help you develop and fine tune those skills.

Enter the Charlton College of Business at UMass Dartmouth, and realize your aspirations.